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Topic: dvd of magazines
Message: Posted by: Glenn Watson (May 26, 2003 01:33PM)
There are several older magazines, on magic, that have been put on to dvd. Can some one reccomend one? Ex: phoenix, digital gen,digital magic by andrews,digital pabular,Ect... Thanks in advance .oblique
Message: Posted by: eddieloughran (May 26, 2003 01:38PM)
I`ve got the Phoenix. It`s about 1600 pages, with loads of good stuff but its hard to read of the screen. Very good value and that probibily applies to them all. It`s also very cheap.
Message: Posted by: Paul (May 27, 2003 06:18AM)
All are good value.Start with Jinx.Unless money is no object, then start with "The Gen", which is a 4 cd set.