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Topic: Side walk shuffle
Message: Posted by: CardC (May 27, 2003 01:27PM)
My magic teacher gave me a set of side walk suffle cards before I moved but didn't have time to teach me the routine is anyone firmilar with this routine, and could mabye help me out.

thanks in advance

Message: Posted by: magicsoup (May 27, 2003 11:51PM)
This is a monte type routine where you have three blank card and an ace. A blank goes on the table and the ace goes between the other two blank cards. The card on the table turns out to be the ace and the cards in your hand are all blank. It's in three phases with a kicker ending. I don't know how to PM people. I'm fairly new to the internet. If you can help me out with that I could help you out with the Shuffle. I still have the original instructions with mine. I haven't performed it in years, I should pull it out again.
Message: Posted by: JamesinLA (May 28, 2003 12:34AM)
This brings up an interesting question I think. What card effects could be done with jumbo cards and work in a street show enviornment?
Here's my contribution: Dia Vernon's Twisting the Aces. Do people think that is viable? Thanks.
Message: Posted by: Peter Marucci (May 28, 2003 05:57AM)
James in LA writes: "What card effects could be done with jumbo cards and work in a street show enviornment?"

In every street show I do, I use a jumbo version of my marketed Mirror Monte; three cards only, full front and backs shown, instant reset.
Message: Posted by: Danny Hustle (May 28, 2003 07:45AM)
Harry Anderson's "Monte Gras" rocks on the street.

Three jumbo cards, no gimmicks, and they can be handed out at the end.

It is a great trick.


Message: Posted by: kasper777 (May 28, 2003 09:13AM)
I am currently learing "Kate and Edith" for the street. For those who don't know, it's a jumbo 3 card effect about a king and two queens with patter about a 3some. funny routine.

Message: Posted by: Swami Bill (May 28, 2003 01:06PM)
... and I do the jumbo version of the McCombical Deck. Great fun, lots of audience interaction, plenty of room to play to the crowd. Nearly an instant reset.

- Bill

James, et.al. - The Mcombical Deck is not a monte routine. My enthusiasm may have put my comments a little off topic!

- B
Message: Posted by: Pete Biro (May 28, 2003 08:29PM)
Chase the Ace (Huge cards... gotta be good for street, parlour, etc.) Ken Brooke handling is the cleanest, BEST...!!!! :bikes:
Message: Posted by: Danny Hustle (May 29, 2003 08:41AM)

Kate and edith is a GREAT trick. It is tough to do on the street due to the type of gaff it uses.

If you think about the angles it will become clear.

It could still work i guess but you would have to rework the handling and moves to suit the venue.


Message: Posted by: magicsoup (May 29, 2003 09:22AM)
Hey CardC, I don't see a pm icon. Is it supposed to be where the profile and quote icons are? Is this something I can do only after 50 posts? I'm very close to that.
Message: Posted by: JamesinLA (May 29, 2003 01:36PM)
Now that I think of it, Twisting the Aces may have angle problems on the street too. When you turn the ace of spades over right before the first twist. Would have to hold the cards very close to the chest. But with big cards and working surrounded--might not work. I'll have to make some big cards on the computer and give it a try. Thanks for the other tips! I'll check out the other routines.

Message: Posted by: Pete Biro (May 30, 2003 12:15PM)
I think you could build a whole act out of the jumbo 3-card monte (the cards with the sliding gaffe)... I recall (40 years ago) watching a guy do it and it killed... and wasa the ONLY effect in his act.

If you work with a second person a passe bottle routine with the 3rd bottle (ala 3-card monte) is killer too. :stout: :stout: :stout:
Message: Posted by: BroDavid (May 30, 2003 03:00PM)

I love the idea of the three card monte type effect with the passe passe bottles.

Good thinking!

Message: Posted by: magicsoup (Jun 2, 2003 03:18PM)
CardC, did you get my PM? I have PM'd you but I don't know if you got it. How do I receive a PM?
Message: Posted by: CardC (Jun 2, 2003 07:45PM)
on the top right corner of the forums page it should say u have a private message also where al those hyper links are there should be somthing that say private messeges
yes i got ur pm
Message: Posted by: Pete Biro (Jun 2, 2003 08:43PM)
You can do a 3-card Monte routine with 3 Svengali decks, or three of those books you can show them blank or with colored in pictures. :pepper:
Message: Posted by: Kozmo (Jun 4, 2003 12:48PM)
don't do anything that resembles 3 card monte in new orleans...you WILL go to jail

Message: Posted by: Patrick McKeever (Jun 6, 2003 04:10PM)
Sidewalk Shuffle is a great trick. Martin Lewis destributes it and performs it on his video. (the one with him standing in water on the cover.) I learned it 20 years ago form the instructions that came with it. I have it in my street repertoire, but have yet to do it. I am surprised nobody has mentioned it, here. It's true what they say about yesterdays trick. Pick it up in a couple of years and it's new and nobody else is useing it.

Peter: tell me about Mirror Monte
Danny: could you give me the gist of Monte Gras. Anderson has a great sense of what works well in the street. He ought to.

Message: Posted by: Danny Hustle (Jun 9, 2003 12:12PM)
Hi Patrick,

Monte Gras is pretty much a blown up version of Color Monte. The effect is you show two losers and a winner, explain how the odds are two to one, show that the spectator canít win, and then a big blow off card change for the finish. Really great effect and the cards can be handed out at the end.


Message: Posted by: Patrick McKeever (Jun 9, 2003 05:29PM)
Thanks Danny,
I'm trying to imagine the Christ/ Annemann move with jumbo cards. always loved Color Monte.

Sounds as though you are not short on self confidence and you say you are charasmatic. Rather than immulate one of the comics you mentioned above, I think you would do better to expand on your own personality. Create Kasper.

Studying successful acts and why they work is definitely worthwhile, though.

go get 'em, tiger.


My post should have been in "Dealing With the Streets." Hope you find this, kasper.