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Topic: Mirage Wallet
Message: Posted by: mr.ash (May 27, 2003 08:44PM)
Has any one used this wallet?There are so many out there .What do you think of this one? :bluebikes:
Message: Posted by: Gary (May 27, 2003 10:27PM)
Use the search facility as this has been comprehensively covered in a number of previous posts.
Message: Posted by: Andrew E. Miller (May 27, 2003 11:24PM)
It wasn't my favorite wallet. I prefer to actually have the card in there so they may actually pull it out of the wallet, which I have them do. Not my pick the best wallet. One thing I don't care for about using this wallet is when you lay the wallet on top of the deck. That seems really suspicious, but then again I could be wrong because I am not a layperson. I would rather be sake and keep the wallet and the deck separate at all times. I think that is more impossible for the effect. Then again, I have seen people that have this wallet and it works great for them. Just one magi's opinion.

Message: Posted by: mr.ash (May 28, 2003 04:41AM)
Thanks I don't like the idea of of laying it on the cards eather.
Message: Posted by: Harry Murphy (May 28, 2003 06:21AM)
The Mirage wallet (Mark Mason) is made to look like a more traditional hip-pocket wallet and actually looks like a “regular” wallet when it is opened. It is made of very nice textured leather with brass corners (all corners). When you open it there is the traditional space for the folding money across the back, three credit card slots to the right (facing you), and a pocket that is holding a back-out playing card, paper clipped to the back of the pocket. It is very thin and looks like a hip-pocket wallet.

In fact, Mark Mason recommends using the wallet as your day-to-day wallet! He states that the gimmick works more smoothly when the leather, etc, breaks in.

It is a NO-palm-signed-card-to-wallet trick. The gimmick is simply the very old “Reverse Osmosis” concept built into a wallet. (I bought Reverse Osmosis back in the late 1960’s and have used it off and on since).

There are a multitude of tricks on the market right now that use the same principle and similar (but not identical) methods to create the effect. They include the “Switchback Wallet”, the old “Reverse Osmosis” (still made and sold by Roth in England), David Regal's, “Special Delivery” (a best buy for card-to-envelope effects!), and Bob Kholer’s “Black Envelope” (killer stuff here!).

The downside of the Mirage Wallet (if this is a downside at all) is that the card does NOT end up in a sealed (snapped or zippered) compartment. Rather the card is seen paper-clipped in a credit card/business card/drivers license compartment, with the top half of the card showing. You see the card back as soon as you open the wallet.

I don’t have the problem that Andrew has with laying the wallet briefly on the deck. It fly’s by unnoticed (as it does in the Black Envelope and other similar effects requiring this kind of “load”). Clearly it is a weakness compared with palming a card off. However, the trick is almost angle proof! The only bad angle is from below!

This is a winner and a keeper. I love it! The handling is natural and the wallet is well built and ordinary looking. The cost for this gem is only $25.00 (Magic Smith). The price alone should encourage you to buy it! It does require a little more thought in building a good routine to put it into your act. Mason does give you a good skeleton routine to build on, but you will have to flesh it out! This is still beginner to intermediate level stuff. The advanced, practiced magician will have this routined within minutes of receiving it! It is a delight to use.

Hope this helps a little.
Message: Posted by: dillib (May 28, 2003 06:28AM)
Hey Harry, you always have the best reviews for wallets used in card to wallet effects! Thanks for contributing! Personally I think Special Delivery is simply fantastic!
Message: Posted by: Harry Murphy (May 28, 2003 07:54AM)
I agree with you about Special Delivery! I have been using it quite a bit lately for repeat shows (same audiences). It is as easy as it gets! A selected, signed card to a sealed envelope. A poor magician’s card to wallet and better yet, a poor magician’s Le Paul stacked envelope routine (and both NO palm!).

In fact, I have been doing Special Delivery with a little “extra” that allows me to perform Jim Steinmeyer’s “Stapled Envelope” bit (the selected, signed, card is stapled into the sealed envelope! Yes you read that right!). I love it when I can put two or three different effects together in a different way. (Hey! I got the necessary items for Steinmeyer’s routine with my Barry Price wallet (Owens model over 8 years ago) and I don’t use the Price wallet except for very posh venue’s, so needed to get some return for the expense).
Message: Posted by: Powell (Jul 10, 2019 07:10PM)
I bought the Mirage Wallet in Germany, sometime in the 90s and used it for awhile. Just found it in a drawer (July 2019) and I'd love to use it again, but the "secret stuff" is out of shape. I'd love to get some material to fix it (I have opened the "inner workings" and am aware of how to repair it - just can't find the stuff to do it with.) Any suggestions?

Message: Posted by: Powell (Jul 12, 2019 04:09PM)
To reply to my own question above, I've found a great solution. "Cousin D.Y.I.!" makes a stretch cord which is perfect. Super-cheap at Walmart (for about $2) and holds it elasticity perfectly. Also easy to use and tie.