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Topic: self esteem program
Message: Posted by: tboehnlein (May 28, 2003 09:16AM)
is anyone aware of marketed programs or routines that advise of self esteem
Message: Posted by: flourish dude (May 28, 2003 09:44AM)
Dave Risley has a video out on this but it is geared for Preschools.
You could use sketch-o-matic for this or Hippy-hops (Bob Markwood routine) I also think CJ Johnson has a Motivation program out but it is like 500.00. It is a whole show.
Message: Posted by: Dennis Michael (May 28, 2003 10:56AM)
A Self Esteen Program is designed to develop individuals with healthy or high self-esteem characterized by
[*] individuals who have tolerance and respect for others
[*] individuals who accept responsibility for their actions
[*] individuals who have integrity
[*] individuals who take pride in their accomplishments
[*] individuals who are self-motivated
[*] individuals who willing to take risks
[*] individuals who are capable of handling criticism
[*] individuals who loving and lovable
[*] individuals who seek the challenge and stimulation of worthwhile and demanding goals
[*] individuals who take command and control of their lives.

Now that goals are set to determine what type program you want, it is a matter of loacting the magic or routines that bring about these self-esteem goals.

Pick up [url=http://www.stevetaylorpro.com/books.htm][b]Steve Taylors Lecture notes ($7 each):[/b][/url]
[*] CHARACTER MAGIC ROUTINES: Ten character-building educational magic routines
[*] MOTIVATIONAL EDUCATIONAL ROUTINES: That deal with Diversity, Success, Individual Diffferences, Creating life's Potentials, and recognizing happiness in giving.

[url=http://www.stevetaylorpro.com/educational.htm][b]Look at Steve's Educational Magic[/b][/url] All of what he has and does is not listed on his web site. His lecture notes are reasonable priced for just looking over the routines and seeing if the style meets yours before buying his unique educational effects that match the routine.

I have bought all of Steve's routines and fine them exceptionally good for what you are trying to accomplish.

Steve Also has: [url=http://www.stevetaylorpro.com/videos.htm][b]An Excellent Educational Fantastic Friends Video:[/b][/url]
showing how some of his routines work.

This is an excellent area to get into and a worthy adventure getting there.
Message: Posted by: flourish dude (May 28, 2003 11:13AM)
Yeah forgot about those. They are good and a nice price.
Message: Posted by: Decomposed (Jan 19, 2005 01:54AM)
Thanks, Den. Excellent source and reasonable. I have a self-esteem theme show in two weeks. :)
Message: Posted by: todd75 (Jan 21, 2005 08:09AM)
I highly recommend anything that Steve Taylor does. He is excellent in every part of the word and highly respected in the schools. I have been to many of his lectures and have learned a thing or two from him. On a scale of 1-10, I give Steve an 11.
Message: Posted by: Michael238 (Jan 24, 2005 04:11PM)
Den, great advice as usual. A person could do a whole show off those points.
Message: Posted by: Decomposed (Jan 24, 2005 04:24PM)
Checked out the school today. So far, I have the following effects:

Stratosphere: Red ball out (low self esteem)
Human Hands Puppet routine
Prof Nightmare: Children created equal, all have talents
TT silk vanish with helper (children can all do magic)
Air Head Rudy (low self-esteem with balloon head, etc.)

I know there must be more in there mixed with my other magic but I don't have my script finalized yet. Still have to put my music together, can't take this one for granted.
Message: Posted by: brownsentertainment (Aug 1, 2008 05:18PM)

I love the ideas for self-esteem. Steve Taylor's ideas are also golden.
Message: Posted by: brownsentertainment (Aug 1, 2008 05:20PM)
Checked out Steve's site, didn't see the motivational education book. Am I missing it?