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Topic: UK Members - Best castle to stay overnight in?
Message: Posted by: Chris H (Jul 6, 2009 08:29PM)

We're heading back to the UK in a couple of months, and my girlfriend is really keen to stay in a castle over night. She wanted to do it last time we were there (April - June 2008), but we just didn't get around to it. I'm not even sure what classifies as a castle to be honest, but I thought I might try and get it organised now for her upcoming birthday (mid August). Can anyone recommend a nice place?


Message: Posted by: Freak Prodigy (Jul 6, 2009 10:39PM)
I think if it has Castle in the name, it's a castle.
Message: Posted by: Chris H (Jul 6, 2009 10:43PM)
On 2009-07-06 23:39, Freak Prodigy wrote:
I think if it has Castle in the name, it's a castle.

Well, that's settled then.



I'm only kidding. If anyone has any suggestions, I'd still love to hear them.
Message: Posted by: MagicSanta (Jul 6, 2009 10:56PM)
As many guessed my ancestors lived in an English castle. Okay, it was in the basement, well, dungeon, and they were tied up, but still....
Message: Posted by: Chris H (Jul 6, 2009 11:30PM)
I've found one that looks amazing, but it's hundreds of miles from anywhere that we're going to be. Might have to work on that.

Message: Posted by: balducci (Jul 6, 2009 11:47PM)
I saw this in my local newspaper just last week. You might find it of interest:


Message: Posted by: MagicSanta (Jul 7, 2009 12:49AM)
Tell her to take all your money, get dolled up, and pick up some royal dude, a castle worker would be fine, and she likely will get an invite to stay the night.

I make it a rule to never stay in a castle unless the word 'Satans' is in the name some where. Oh, do go to the torture museum in London if you can get in.