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Topic: Richard Sanders' Slow Burn DVD
Message: Posted by: Steve Brooks (May 28, 2003 06:22PM)
In the thirty plus years I have been involved in this crazy art we call [b]Magic[/b], I have seen more then my share of amazing wonders. Some being wonderful pieces of theatre which flow like soothing notes of a great symphony, while others have all the charm of an evening spent having a [i]Root Canal[/i]. That said, having heard all the hype surrounding Richard Sanders' latest offering, I was not about to hold my breath. I've watched this disc repeatedly, and offer you the reader some food for thought.

[b]Richard Sanders' Slow Burn DVD[/b]


[b]Effect & description:[/b] [i]Unlike your standard dvd that teaches several tricks, this disc is devoted to teaching you a single effect. :nod:

The magician clearly displays both sides of four bills one at a time before laying them down on his left palm without bending or folding them in any way. He shows his right hand empty, turns it palm down, and waves it gently over the bills, causing them to change instantly into four different bills! Again, both sides of each bills are invididually shown!

The trick resets automatically and allows you to change $1 bills to $100 bills, magazine clippings to money, coupons to cash, foreign money to local currency etc. The possibilities are endless[/i].


First, the idea of changing one bill or a group of bills is not a new one. Many magicians have come up with versions using this concept, including [i]Patrick Page, Fred Kaps,[/i] and just recently [i]Gregory Wilson[/i]. ;)

However, this has got to be one of the most [i]visual[/i] variants I have ever seen! You literally pass your hand across the bills and they slowly change, just like real magic. This is a very strong effect to say the least.

Richard Sanders does an incredible job teaching you the work on this trick, and does so in real time. The disc runs about a half hour, and that's all that is really needed. I like the fact that Mr. Sanders demonstrates the effect from various angles, and gives you all the advice and pointers one could hope for. :)

The trick obviously uses a [i]special[/i] gimmick, and making one up is very easy to do, as the instructions are pretty much idiot proof. After you construct the gaff, it will take you a bit to get the handling down, but is pretty easy as well.

Concerning production quality, the picture is top notch, and the visuals meet the needs of the viewer in the learning process. The sound changes a bit from time to time, but that is really a moot point, considering the high standards set everywhere else. I did find it a little odd that we never actually see Richard Sanders' face until the very end of the disc, but I guess the focus here is on the trick itself, and not Richard.

I will end this by saying that [i]Slow Burn[/i] is a real gem of a trick, that is a breeze to perform, as well as a lot of fun. If you decide to purchase this disc, I would advise you to think up a good presentation, an interesting story, etc. Be warned that the effect is so strong, that if presented in a close-up situation, you may indeed have spectators reaching for the bills, so be prepared. Highly recommended! :)

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