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Topic: Please get on the list for "Houdini -- the Key" by Patrick Culliton
Message: Posted by: houdinisghost (Jul 16, 2009 01:17PM)
I am announcing the publication of my new book "Houdini -- the Key" which is a rewrite of one of the books in my "Houdini Unlocked" set. "The Secret Confessions of Houdini" (published in 1997) dealt entirely with Houdini's methods. I have owed quite a few people and myself a rewrite of that book for a dozen years, and I will have it in my hands October 4, this year, when I appear at the Cannon's Escape Convention.

I am announcing the publication of "Houdini -- the Key" here on All Tied Up in order to make a list of people who want it for the technical manual that it is. I am only going to publish 278 copies of this book, and my hope is that people who can really make use of this book will buy it, as opposed to collectors and speculators who don't care at all about the material, only its value as a "thing." The book will cost $150 and will be worth it.

I promise material you have never seen.

It will be indexed.

Don't send me money, just get on the list. I have 228 spots left.

Some of you are already on the list to acquire "Houdini -- the Key." I am very much looking forward to presenting Joe Lauher with a copy to try to begin to thank him for handcuffs.org.

Please e-mail me at pkcull@aol.com to get on the list and reserve your copy.

Patrick Culliton
Message: Posted by: houdinisghost (Jul 20, 2009 09:38PM)
I just want to thank the 75+ cuff, lock, escape and Houdini aficionados who have signed up to buy "Houdini--the Key" on Oct 4 this year. I have 198 copies which are still unspoken for, but, that doesn't surprise me since I have announced only to hard core enthusiasts who participate in forums that relate to the subject of Houdini and allied subjects.
I want to add two things: some friends have asked me to publish the book in a slipcase to better match the Houdini Unlocked set. If anyone wants a matching slipcase, I'll order one for an additional $10. So, the book and the slipcase, if desired, would come to 160.
I am also hearing from people around the world who want "Houdini--the Key." I am in California. I will find the best, cheapest way to get the book to each of you, and charge you exactly what that cost is.
Again, thanks for the support.
Patrick Cullton
Message: Posted by: houdinisghost (Jul 28, 2009 05:52PM)
I am bowing to pressure. And also to common sense. It does not make sense at all to print two classes of book in a run of 278.
Therefore, every copy of Houdini--the Key by Patrick Culliton will have a slipcase. This will add $10 to the price of the book, so, the price of each book + slipcase is 160.00. Shipping charges will be in addition and exact.
I've got 100 people on the list so far and that is one book per person and many of these people I know and they are hard core researchers in the areas of magic, escapes, cuffs and locks. I hope they like it.
Each book will be signed and numbered, in a slipcase. With an index.
178 books left.
Don't send money, just get on the list. pkcull@aol.com
Message: Posted by: Roslyn (Aug 3, 2009 11:27AM)
Can someone enlighten me on the content of the Houdini Unlocked set of books. I've never seen them and would love to hear more about them. What they cover and whether they are still available.


Message: Posted by: houdinisghost (Aug 4, 2009 04:51PM)
To answer your question, Ros: In 1997, I wrote and self published a two volume set of books called "Houdini Unlocked." I created every page, every layout, the cover and spine and I scanned in 1500 photos and typed in a quarter of a million words of text--singlehandedly, all the way. I then hand-delivered 200,000 sheets of 80 lb., radiant white, linen (acid-free) paper to the printer and some time later hand-delivered the 200,000 printed pages to the binder who did a beautiful job and added a slipcase for each set.
I called Book One "the Tao of Houdini" and it was every autobiographical word I could find by Houdini woven into a chronological narrative.
Book Two was "the Secret Confessions of Houdini" which dealt with his methods, and that is the book I have rewritten and am publishing in October as "Houdini--the Key."
I only printed 250 copies of each book and of those, 3 sets weren't sellable. People have been fighting over the remaining 247 ever since.
I am printing 278 copies of "Houdini--the Key," and I'm trying to place them with people who can really use them, one to a customer.
I'm not out to create a collectible, I'm out to preserve knowledge, but, his is a book for the few, not the many.
167 books remain unspoken for.
If you're interested in purchasing a copy, please email me: pkcull@aol.com and get on the list.
Patrick Culliton
Message: Posted by: Roslyn (Aug 4, 2009 05:02PM)
Hi, thanks for the info. I'd be very interested in reading the first book you mentioned. Any chance of this becoming a .PDF for download??

I should already be on the list for the new book.
Message: Posted by: Cliffg37 (Aug 4, 2009 08:22PM)
Pat, put me down for one please...


(frantically looks for pennies to start scraping together)
Message: Posted by: Roslyn (Nov 30, 2009 02:25PM)
Any news on this book's release?

Did I miss it :(
Message: Posted by: Roslyn (Nov 30, 2009 02:35PM)
Panic over! Just had an email from Pat regarding THE book.

The perfectionist that he is means he's still working away on it. It sounds completely amazing though.

He's not given away much... Anything in fact... But he does mention blowing doors open. Now that's my kind of book ;)

I'm so excited about getting it.
Message: Posted by: houdinisghost (Nov 30, 2009 05:32PM)
Big news. I can demonstrate that Franz Kukol was on Houdini's full-evening show in 1926. He wss clean-shaven (no Kaiser Wilhelm mustache) and may be seen holding Jim Vickery's arm in the Paligenesia photo. He goes by Frank Williamson in the programs.
This won't mean much to most people but it will to a few.