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Topic: Inverted sj for music video
Message: Posted by: Roslyn (Jul 28, 2009 04:03PM)
After taking a break from escapes for the past 12 months to persue other things I'm finally well and truly back where I belong...... Hanging from my feet in a straitjacket.

Last night I did 5 takes of an inverted sj escape suspended above London based indie folk pop band Fanfarlo during the shooting of their music video for the single The Walls Are Coming Down, taken from the album Resevoir.

The escape features heavily in the video, which is great, and the single was perfect for performing this classic stunt to.

I was suspended directly above the band for the entire 4 minutes of the song and loved every second. It's great to finally be back after such a long break. Bruised, slightly bloody and sore muscles all equate to a job well done. Even the hardened "I've seen it all" London crew were completely spell bound by the performance. Proving the classics are classics for a reason.

I'll be posting video and pictures over the next week so you can all take a peek.

Till then, I'm off to nurse my "man flu".

Message: Posted by: Cliffg37 (Jul 28, 2009 10:48PM)
Break a chain Ros.

Good job and welcome back!

Looking forward to the video.
Message: Posted by: Maloney (Jul 28, 2009 10:51PM)
Awesome! It's great you got a chance like that?
Message: Posted by: Kondini (Jul 29, 2009 02:37PM)
Stay in London and you will be amazed at the opportuniies on offer,,,go get em.

Message: Posted by: Roslyn (Jul 30, 2009 03:56AM)
It's great to be back at it. Working with kids is great. Juggling and other magical endevours are also good fun. But nothing comes close to the buzz of pulling off a really good escape.

The plan is to certainly stay in London for the near future. And if work keeps on coming in this is where I'll stay.

I'm still quite sore on the shoulders from the full body harness I was hanging in. It was the first time I'd used one and I have to say it was well worth it. Much more comfortable than hanging from ankles alone, especially if you plan on doing a few inverted escapes in a short time as I did.

In the past I've always opted for circus loops to hang from. But the harness, although very thin, took most of the strain and made it much more comfortable after repeated performances. Not to mention the increased safety.

Message: Posted by: pastorclyde (Aug 4, 2009 10:18AM)
Roslyn, great to see you "hanging around" again! Hope you are well.

Message: Posted by: Roslyn (Aug 4, 2009 03:53PM)
Cheers Clyde. Yea I'm good thanks. The last 12 months have seen hard times, but things are looking up.

The final cut of the video should be leaving the edit at the end of the week, so hopefully I'll have it up for you guys to see over the weekend.
Message: Posted by: Roslyn (Aug 14, 2009 12:43PM)
Ok guys and gals here it is!


The band I performed the hanging sj for have finally released it to the public. You can catch it on the Guardian Newspaper's website.

So what you waiting for?? Go see it NOW!


Love you all,

Message: Posted by: Mick Hanzlik (Aug 15, 2009 01:50AM)
Ros, that was great! A really good video with such a lot of it devoted to the escape. You made it look really difficult too. Well done.

And you can tell the band that the song is really good too. I've now heard it 3 times, and it really stays with you. Hope it does well.

Message: Posted by: Roslyn (Aug 15, 2009 11:19AM)
Cheers Mick,

I'll pass on the feedback ;) The song does get stuck in your head a bit though. I found myself humming it constantly after the shoot.

As for making it look difficult, once I'd done take 4 it was past midnight and I was really beginning to feel it. So by take 6 I'd stopped acting. The pain, blood, sweat and tears were all real ;)
Message: Posted by: Cliffg37 (Aug 16, 2009 03:46PM)
Good job mate!

You and I usually have different taste in music, but that song was very nice. You looked great doing the escape.
Message: Posted by: Roslyn (Aug 22, 2009 01:44PM)
Hi all,

I have a HUGE favour to ask... In fact, its quite a cheeky request to be honest.

The music video has now aired on MTV and as a result has been cleared for YouTube.

Here's what I need you lot to do.

Would you mind taking 5 minutes to head over to http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PsXhQfIZD2c&feature=player_profilepage and write a little comment regarding the escape I did for this video?

If you could mention my name in the comments and just how amazing ( ;) ) I am that'd be even better.

Of course if there's anything that I can help with in return please do not hesitate to ask.

Many thanks,

Message: Posted by: dave_matkin (Aug 23, 2009 03:31PM)
Sure but I'm not watching it again! I cant get it out of my head!
Message: Posted by: Kondini (Aug 24, 2009 03:41AM)
That`s cos there is nothing else in there !!!
Message: Posted by: Cindi (Sep 28, 2009 03:15PM)
"Fanfarlo: Reservoir
Headed up by Swedish vocalist Simon Balthazar, the London-based quintet splash out on an even more varied selection of instruments for their début album. The music video for the single "The Walls Are Coming Down" features one of Europe's top escape artists Roslyn Walker performing his version of the 'Hanging Straitjacket Escape', a classic stunt first performed by Harry Houdini in the early 1900s."
From here:

Message: Posted by: jay leslie (Sep 28, 2009 06:35PM)
Could there be a way to promote yourself into an arena tour?

If you had a battle of the bands, then you wouldn't pay them and their job is to make you look good. And you're the boss.

Just thinking......... it looked great.
Message: Posted by: Roslyn (Sep 29, 2009 04:04AM)
Nice find Cindi. Hadn't seen that one ;)

Hi Jay, an arena tour would be awesome. My problem is I'm rubbish with promotion. If anyone here would like to lend a hand then please drop me a line. I need all the help I can get!
Message: Posted by: Cindi (Nov 19, 2009 02:04PM)
Ros, Dude you're in the San Francisco News


Message: Posted by: Roslyn (Nov 26, 2009 04:04AM)

That's really cool! Great find Cindi, thanks so much ;)
Message: Posted by: Cindi (Dec 21, 2009 02:38PM)
Ros, Dude you made SPIN Magazine!

Message: Posted by: Moxahalla (Dec 21, 2009 04:49PM)
Let's be clear about something: it was Michael LEE, not Roslyn who performed the USD Jacket Escape at Webster Hall in NYC.

Apparently, this fact flew by several Forum readers here, who didn't bother to read the SPIN article carefully (see below):

"As the lights came up and the band clapped out an a cappella lead-in to their single "These Walls Are Coming Down," it became apparent that the man in question was escape artist Michael Lee, who wriggled maniacally out of his restraints as the band launched exuberantly into the trumpet-led ditty."

Congrats to Roslyn AND Michael Lee.
Message: Posted by: Cindi (Dec 23, 2009 01:45PM)