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Topic: Flash It
Message: Posted by: DJ Trix (Jun 1, 2003 03:59PM)
I was looking for a good gimmick(the best) for making a ball of fire appear from nowhere and then have a dove on my hand where the fire just was...
is this gimmick I have here (Flash It) the best known method for achieving such a thing and is it well made and deceptive creating the illusion that the fire did just appear out of nothing...
Here is the link check it out, any comments of someone who has the gimmick would be great...
Message: Posted by: trainerjep (Jun 1, 2003 09:59PM)
don't know bout it, if u find more let me know i am interested
Message: Posted by: MacGyver (Jun 2, 2003 12:14AM)
it sounds like FISM flash or Flash Burst from hocus-pocus.

If so, it's not fire, but a white flash
Message: Posted by: DJ Trix (Jun 2, 2003 12:25AM)
no, its fire, click the link, i was hoping it was the same thing as Flash Burst but with fire...