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Topic: Taking the words off songs
Message: Posted by: briansmagic (Jun 1, 2003 06:33PM)
Hey there, does anyone know how I can take the words off songs? I am always looking for music without vocals for my musical magic routines but it can sometimes be hard finding the piece of music that fits the routine/illusion perfectly when focusing on songs with no lyrics. I have been to shows and recognized songs that I've heard with lyrics but in the show they don't have any just music. So does anyone know how to do this? Music editing software? Any ideas or thoughts?
Message: Posted by: Eldon (Jun 2, 2003 12:56AM)
There are services, machines and software that remove vocals. They are called Vocal Eliminators. This link will get you started http://vocal-removers.com/
Message: Posted by: Andy Wonder (Jun 5, 2003 06:08AM)
Just look for karaoke CD's. Almost all modern & popular songs are readily available on karaoke CD's. It is easy to find almost any popular song. I have a big collection at home just for my private singing. Usually they have lyrics on the right channel & music only on the left channel. The only down side from collecting the music this way is you are usually left with a mono recording.
Message: Posted by: JamesinLA (Jun 6, 2003 12:42AM)
You can also get karaoke songs off the internet. There are a bunch of karaoke songs and software for turning your home computer into a karaoke machine.
Message: Posted by: magicpro (Jun 18, 2003 07:22PM)
I didn't really look to see if anyone put this out yet but if you have a music downloader on your computer just look for the song you want but type beside it (instrumental) and it should come up.
Thank you and God bless
Message: Posted by: Backroomboy (Jul 29, 2003 04:21AM)
Vocal strippers work because most vocals are mixed to the centre of the stereo image and if you take both sides of the stereo image and reverse the phase of one side, then there is phase cancellation that occurs and will take out the centre image to some extent.

These strippers aren't perfect and work better on some songs more than others. Also, access to a wave editor helps clean up the final product.
Message: Posted by: Jimeuax (Aug 2, 2003 01:34AM)
Here is a way to do it with a stereo record (sometimes):
[list=1][*]reverse the leads going to the cartridge (the place where the needle resides)
[*]push "mono" on the amp
[*]the vocals will be almost 180 degrees out of phase and disappear[/list] We used to do this to all our Beatles records to catch all the little bits they had buried in the mix. :lol:
Cheers!—Jimeuax :wow:
Message: Posted by: magicandmore (Sep 1, 2003 02:49AM)
These guys have it, it's phase cancellation. Vocal strippers will usually also eliminate any lead guitars because these are panned to the center of the mix along with vocals.

You're also dealing with noticable artifacts here, which basically means electronic noise and other results of post-altered waveforms.

Your best bet is to try and obtain an instrumental version of the track you seek from a reputable karaoke track supplier (anyone but PocketSongs). I highly recommend Sound Choice or Musical Creations.

Realize, though, that these songs are not royalty-free.