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Topic: Anyone seen Daryl's Rope Poster Routine?
Message: Posted by: JeffHall (Mar 27, 2002 03:46PM)
Has Anyone seen Daryl's Rope Poster Routine? Are the photos good and easy to follow?
thanks, Jeff
Message: Posted by: Geoff Williams (Mar 28, 2002 02:12PM)
You probably mean "Daryl's Rope Routine" poster...yes the photos are crisp and clear. He uses three different colors of ropes to make it easy to follow.

If you go slowly, you should have no problem.
Message: Posted by: Ray Eldard (Mar 30, 2002 01:35PM)
Yes, the poster is very easy to follow. Daryl also teaches the routine on his "Great White Rope" video.
Message: Posted by: Jason Fleming (Apr 4, 2002 07:36PM)
The poster is good, but it doesn't show you Daryl *performing* it...only the moves.

Learning Daryl's Rope Routine from his video is far more effective, I think.

Message: Posted by: BillParky (May 5, 2002 07:13PM)
I have to confess that I struggled with the learning of the routine from the poster as it presupposed a certain amount of familiarity with moves which I didn't possess. I found it disappointing and if I'm ever motivated to have another attempt at this routine then I'll definitely get the video.
Bill :bawl:
Message: Posted by: David Freeman (May 6, 2002 12:39PM)

I purchased this routine about three weeks ago and it was fairly easy to follow. I like the routine a lot.

My only problem is I lack good patter for it (which is probably in the video). Does anyone have any sort of comedy routine or children's routine to go along with this sort effect? My brain needs jump-starting!


Message: Posted by: max88 (Aug 2, 2002 09:32PM)
If I buy the routine from the dealer will it comes with the 3 ropes or only instruction?
Message: Posted by: Marcus Selle (Aug 4, 2002 05:32AM)
as far as I can remember, you will only get the poster and the description but no rope. But as the ropes are unprepared, you just have to cut off three pieces of rope and seal the ends (my recommendation is white wood glue).

Message: Posted by: The Great Zambini (Aug 4, 2002 08:39AM)
I would strongly suggest the video. If I can learn it, so can you! It did take me a few weeks to get it all down. It helps if you've worked with rope effects before. If not, it will be much more difficult.
I use his routine professionally and audiences like it. As far as patter goes, I stay with the general premise as per Daryl: "A miracle with a piece of rope." The routine is soooo visual it doesn't require snappy or plot driven patter to carry it. Or perhaps that is my cop out since I am not clever enough to come up with better!
Message: Posted by: bumbleface (Aug 4, 2002 10:30AM)
Does Daryl teach you all the moves on The Great White Rope or do you need to buy the other two first? :bikes:
Message: Posted by: max88 (Aug 4, 2002 11:30PM)
Thanks for the advice above you gave. So I will buy the tape to learn it and also have to buy the professor's nightmare to get the rope (it works or needs additional prepare?). I like Dary's stuff very much!
Message: Posted by: The Great Zambini (Aug 5, 2002 08:00PM)
The Professor's Nightmare needs nothing special. It uses three ungimmicked pieces of rope. I think Daryl explains it all on the video, so I would wait on buying Professor's Nightmare.
Let me know if you have any questions after watching the tape.
Good luck,
Message: Posted by: Reg Coppicus (Aug 20, 2002 12:14AM)
Yes, the Daryl video, Full Circle video, and 3 Ropes and a Baby routines ALL show you how to do the Professor Nightmare, plus the Columbini count (Daryl's is the best) plus other bits of tricks, and I enjoyed all 3 products, 3 Ropes the best, then Daryl, then FUll Circle, and I took bits from them all. I also really really like the tabary routine, but it does NOT do the Professor Nightmare or the Columbini count.
Message: Posted by: q (Oct 16, 2002 03:08PM)
Yeah I have it, the poster, even If you don't use the full routine a lot of parts of it you can shove into an existing one you do.

max88, Only poster no ropes.

Message: Posted by: Zazz (Feb 23, 2006 12:47AM)
I used the video to spark my interest in how good Daryl's routine is and how it should look properly performed, then I bought the poster to learn the routine.
I highlighted and placed notes on the poster to help me separate the different effects. By the time I studied the pictures with my personal notes and viewed the video a few times, it didn't take long to memorize the whole routine. The hard part is creating patter.
I have to say, the first time I performed the routine for a family member, her jaw dropped. The second time I performed this was for a known HECKLER and I got nothing but smiles and praise.
Daryl's Rope Routine will always be one of my favorites.
Message: Posted by: Bill Hegbli (Feb 23, 2006 02:16PM)
I purchased the poster version and in my opinion is a big disappointment. The text that comes with it is a disappointment also. Basic cryptic notes only. No instruction for one section or photo to the other, no instruction on placement of fingers rope or anything. The pictures on my poster are in black & white and are so small that it is difficult to make out what finger, hand and rope placement. Yes, it is has the red signature on it so it is an original from Daryl. I have attempted several times to decipher the thing with no luck.

I seen him perform it on stage and it is a very good routine, but I think he made the poster idea and awful instructions on purpose, so noone else could do it.

Bottom line if you can find the video then get that to learn this great routine.
Message: Posted by: Al Angello (Feb 23, 2006 03:11PM)
OK I'm totally confused. I have "the great white rope" DVD, so what trick are we talking about. All this talk of three colored ropes, and a poster has confused me. Are we talking about "Daryl's rope routine"? If we are it sure looks a lot like parts of "fiber optics".
Al Angello
Message: Posted by: Zazz (Feb 23, 2006 08:43PM)
I am very new to rope magic and relied on the poster as a story board and didn't find it hard to follow perhaps because I had Daryls audio instruction from his dvd Daryl's Expert Rope Magic Made Easy Volume 3 in combination with the story board (poster). Regardless, the combination of the dvd and poster was worth it to me to learn the routine so easily. I wish every routine taught on video had a companion instruction book and poster.
Message: Posted by: Jondalawyer (Feb 23, 2006 09:56PM)
I find the poster to be a great supplement to Daryl's dvd set.

I'm not sure I would find it useful on its own.

Message: Posted by: Bill Hegbli (Feb 24, 2006 01:13PM)
On 2006-02-23 16:11, Al Angello wrote:
OK I'm totally confused. I have "the great white rope" DVD, so what trick are we talking about. All this talk of three colored ropes, and a poster has confused me. Are we talking about "Daryl's rope routine"? If we are it sure looks a lot like parts of "fiber optics".
Al Angello

Back in the 1980's Daryl published his great routine in the form of a poster and instruction. When video came into easy reach of everyone, he made it available on tape. Now, we are in the DVD era. So it is on DVD. Fiber Optics, I do not have, but it is more recent then Daryl's routine. Yes Daryl's routine is an extended Professor's Nitemare combined with Slydini's Cut and Restored Rope using the short piece. Yes, there are many versions of this type of rope routine. Can you get confused because the are all very much alike, YES!!!

Hope this helps clarify!
Message: Posted by: Ron Reid (Feb 26, 2006 10:30AM)

The poster and "Great White Rope" routine from his video/DVD are the same routine. It's been a while since I've looked at the poster, but I remember Daryl using colored rope only as a helpful way of letting the learner keep track of the different ends while looking at the poster. I think he does the same thing on the video (I think he uses a red rope for the small piece). The performance uses all white rope.