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Topic: Great Stories
Message: Posted by: Michaels (Jun 2, 2003 01:13PM)
Please share "your" most bizarre and/or humorous story as it relates to magic.

Thanks ahead Michaels

PS-After reading so many technical and theoretical posts I thought this post may add some levity.
Message: Posted by: ClodAppleleft (Jun 2, 2003 02:43PM)
I think my most humorous one was when I forgot to reset a final load before a show. I go through the entire presentation, build up to the end, open the wallet... And NOTHING.

Very anti-climactic, and after a couple of smaller goofs earlier in the show... I had a large bunch of people walk off immediately after. Oh well... I'll get them next time.
Message: Posted by: Rich Cowley (Jun 2, 2003 02:52PM)
I might have a story worth reading:

Years ago, I used to close my shows with the Brainwave: huge build up, emphasis on the impossibility of it all, yak, yak, yak. I remember working at a volunteer fire company's annual banquet, and was about 10 seconds from the end of the show; the spectator had named a card, and all I had to do was open the box in my hand and finish. Just then, the company's *fire alarm went off*, and every member of the audience jumped up and ran out of the room! I was left standing on stage, deck in hand, with God-only-knows what kind of look on my face.

When the shock of the situation wore off, I noticed several of the kitchen staff still standing at the back of the room; they'd snuck in to watch the show. One of them shouted out: "Well?!? Was it really the Two of Clubs?" whereupon I finished the trick for the three or four of them, to (a rather diminished) applause!

Ah, the joys of live performing! (grin)
Message: Posted by: Michaels (Jun 3, 2003 12:09PM)
Great Story Rich!

About 30 years ago when it was cool to wear a sports jacket with an open shirt and no tie is when my story begins. I was in college at the time at Maryland University when I decided to fly to Florida on spring break to cultivate my tan for the then accepted fashion with a sports coat.

Whenever I flew back then, I would wear a sports coat and it was always loaded with "Dagger Dime" which was one of the first tricks I ever purchased from Al Cohen in DC.
For those that are unfamiliar with "Dagger Dime" I will describe. It was a six inch blade covered by a sheath which was attached to an elastic pull. The effect I assume is obvious.

Forgetting that the blade was up my right sleeve, security proceeded to pull me aside after I went through the x-ray type machine. As I'm explaining to security that the miniature dagger up my sleeve was a magic trick, approx. 2 more guards appeared out of nowhere. After being thoroughly searched they requested I demo the trick to prove my innocence. Still skeptical I proceeded to demo a few tricks in my carry-on bag. Needless to say I was scared out of my mind and the security got a free 5 min. performance. Try performing under those conditions without shaking.

Today, that would have landed me in jail.
Top of the day,
Message: Posted by: Dan LeFay (Jun 6, 2003 06:06AM)
Before being a magical entertainer I worked as a physiotherapist. One day I noticed one of my patients wore one black and one dark blue sock. Obviously he was unaware...
My therapeutic mind switched for my magical mind when I finished treatment. This man was always interested in my interest in magic so a session always ended on that subject.
I told him I was working on a new trick...

"I have this "black magic wand" here that turns everything it touches black!"
I pointed at his blue towel and he playfully admitted his wife would not enjoy that and pulled the towel away. I knew I had him then!

"OK, than let's take something smaller... for instance... your sock!"
When I said "sock" I tapped his foot lightly.
His gaze went down and the reaction was so incredible, words can not describe. I saw a 75 year old man turn into a screaming, laughing little kid in 2 seconds!!!

This has been at least 6 years ago, but every Christmas I get a card which only mentions: Merry Christmas! signed "Socky!"

I never succeeded in making someone react like that in my professional work. but I keep working for it...
Message: Posted by: Michaels (Jun 6, 2003 09:20AM)
These are great.
Again thanks.
So much better than reading debate after debate.
Message: Posted by: stine (Jul 2, 2003 09:50PM)
When performing in restaraunts I never liked to go to a table and ask if they wanted to see magic. So instead I would walk up to a table prepared to do John Kennedy's flaming match. I would act like a manager and ask " were you the ones that needed some matches?" No matter how they answered I would light a match and have it flame by his into the air, then after there stunned reaction I would say "good, cause we have been having a bunch of complaints" At which point I would be able to tell by their reaction if they were going to want to see more. This one time I approach a table of two women, do my line, but somehow had the match pointed towards my FACE! Needless to say they were stunned by the stranger that just lit his face on fire. I felt like Elmer Fudd after getting blasted by his own gun. I quickly excused myself, went to the bathroom and looked at myself. I had singed my eyelashes, brows and hair, with ashes all over my face. I'm sure they still don't know who I was or what I was doing.
Message: Posted by: LobowolfXXX (Jul 10, 2003 02:14AM)
Second-hand story --

A good friend of mine, Ken Sands, just arrived at a table and started with his version of paper balls over the head, or some such affect. After doing the visual set-up (passing balls from hand to hand, explaining that the spectator was going to be asked to guess which hand the ball ended up in, etc.) and receiving a disproportionate amount of uproarious laughter from the rest of the party, he sent the first ball over her head, put his two closed fists together in front of the face of the woman he was playing the effect to, and asked her his first question (maybe 60 full seconds after arriving at the table):
"Which hand do you think it ended up in?"
Her response explained the rest of the table's laughter:
"I have no idea. I'm blind."
And so she was.