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Topic: No small shows
Message: Posted by: robwar0100 (Aug 9, 2009 05:38PM)
If anyone is interested, here is a link to a blog entry of mine on the IBM Web site: http://www.magician.org/portal/en/node/825 wherein I make the declaration that there are no small shows, only small magicians.

If you read it, let me know what you think.


Message: Posted by: Floyd Collins (Aug 11, 2009 07:58AM)
I read your blog and what a great story. As a professional magician we must be able to do just as you did. We are after all the producer, director and actor/performer of our shows. Many magicians just want one of those jobs, but to be a pro I feel at a minimum requires all three. Once new magicians realize that we are truly all three at all times thatís when doing magic becomes more than just doing tricks. I love the fact that you can now mentally think out a show using Danís Triple Trilogy system. Your success should be applauded.

Great Story!
-- Floyd
Message: Posted by: robwar0100 (Aug 12, 2009 10:03PM)

You are too kind. I truly appreciate the influence you have had on development as a performer and in developing a show. It will be good to see you again, soon I hope.

Message: Posted by: paulamerson (Aug 20, 2009 12:11AM)
Bobby: What a great article and a wonderful teaching moment. Thanks!
Message: Posted by: robwar0100 (Aug 20, 2009 07:19PM)
I am glad you liked it. What I have discovered is I am a better synthesizer of effects than originator. I stand upon the shoulders of giants.

Message: Posted by: Brent McLeod (Dec 18, 2009 01:19AM)

From a fellow Pro performer what an Inspiring story-Thanks for sharing!

You are so right-its not about the "tricks" its about showmanship & entertaining
Im really glad it worked out for you -Well done we can all take a lesson here from your