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Topic: Conventional Wisdom
Message: Posted by: Scott Wells (Mar 28, 2002 07:52AM)
I may be overlooking it, but is there a forum here for posting information on magic conventions? If not, then I think there would be a lot of specialized talk about: upcoming conventions, who's booked, who's looking to be booked, what acts are out there, lecturers, what's new, reviews of conventions, people looking for roommates at conventions, people looking for rides to conventions, etc.

I was the convention editor for MAGIC Magazine for eight years and would consider offering my services for moderating the forum if you desire.

Scott Wells
Message: Posted by: Burt Yaroch (Mar 28, 2002 08:21AM)
Check out [b]So Happy Together[/b] Scott.

And I'd like to second Scott as moderator of that forum (can I do that?). :wavey: