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Topic: House of Magic San Francisco
Message: Posted by: John Iacono (Aug 19, 2009 12:31AM)
I recall my early days in Magic hanging out at the House of Magic in San Francisco. The store was owned by Marvin “Buma” Burger. I spent many Saturday afternoons there after finishing my kid shows for the day. You never knew who would show up. Pete Biro was there when he wasn’t out of town photographing an auto race. Dr. Robert Albo was there a lot while working on his Okito books. Jay Marshall stopped in a couple of times. Ricky jay was there one day. Vic Kirk was there when not working a cruise ship or trade show. I wound up working at another shop Buma opened with Dr. Albo, Charles Shultz and as I recall Mario Carandi at Pier 39. At the same time Paul Choose was working at the House of Magic. Hanging out at the House of Magic was like be in a finishing school for magicians. I picked up a lot of skill from the more experienced magicians. These were the magicians that convinced me to spend my money on books (there were no videos in those days) . Pete Biro always had a better way to do an effect. Vic Kirk directed me to the Tarbell, Bobo and Rice books. Those were some great times, the Christmas parties were always fun, from what I can remember.