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Topic: Barehanded by Kirk Kokinos
Message: Posted by: Andrew E. Miller (Jun 3, 2003 10:11PM)
Looking at this DVD..... I always like really good coin vanishes and I maybe might want to add one of them to my routines. Does Kirk have something to contribute here? Can the vanishes be applied to other routines. Or do they have a bunch of requirements.

Thank you guys,
Message: Posted by: Ben721 (Jun 3, 2003 10:52PM)
Well first, the whole DVD is based off of one move. Its not a BAD dvd, but its not the BEST either. I think it gets boring to watch the same moves done over and over again. His coins through table is pretty nice. Do I personally use the move? No hardly ever.

Maybe someone else will say something.
Message: Posted by: Review King (Jun 4, 2003 12:26AM)
It's not the best move out there. I'd pass on this!!

I watched the video again. There a couple interesting items, most notably his card routine at the end. very nice.
Message: Posted by: Martino (Jun 4, 2003 10:34PM)
IMHO the one move used throughout this entire video looks very fishy and would raise some suspision in the minds of an audience. Certainlt they wouldn't have a clue what you'd done, but I'm convinced that they would know you had done something - thus distroying the feeling of real magic taking place.
Message: Posted by: Review King (Jun 5, 2003 10:30PM)
The move is fishy. It doesn't look good.
Message: Posted by: Harv (Jun 7, 2003 08:10AM)
Review from Mike Close in Magic magazine: SUCKS! (although Mike was a lot more eloquent of course! LOL!)

Message: Posted by: paraguppie (Jun 8, 2003 03:27PM)
Hi guys,

This is Kirk's first video and I know he put a lot of hard work into it. While not perfect, there is still some very strong coin work in here. His "angel coin" routine gets a gasp everytime I watch him do it, and I have watched him a lot, he helped me get my start. Maybe not perfect, but still some good material.

Keith :spinningcoin: