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Topic: New sideshow forum
Message: Posted by: DavidEscapes (Jun 4, 2003 08:05PM)
Hi all

I have just started a sideshow and escapes forum at:

It is not intended to compete with this board but it is an alternative location for us to chat in. There is also a restricted area for discussing methods which might have dangerous consequences.

So take a look, lemme know what you think. If you like it then lets all use it.

Have fun

David Straitjacket
Message: Posted by: Knil Gnissim (Jun 5, 2003 02:21AM)
looks good - I'll register shortly.

will we be able to discuss the safe use of fuels? :)

Message: Posted by: Jnana (Jun 5, 2003 05:14PM)
This looks great. I have to leave town to go to a wedding but when I get back I plan on registering. I hope that the fact that I don't perform professionally on the street or in a show will hold me back. Talk more about joining with you sometime next week. Thamks for the new forum. Tony
Message: Posted by: DavidEscapes (Jun 12, 2003 04:06PM)
Hi everyone

To all that have joined the new group, a big thank you. To those that haven't, why not???


Cya there

Message: Posted by: Knil Gnissim (Jun 13, 2003 02:28AM)
Yes, please join - it's a fantastic place to be!

Message: Posted by: Missing_Link (Jun 25, 2003 10:11AM)
Indeed it is!

(ps - I'm back)

Message: Posted by: Mya Angel (Jun 30, 2003 10:44PM)
Hi David, I just wanted to say Congratulations on your new forum and I wish you only the best. I think it's great that you have a place where you can discuss things more freely. Best of luck to you. :goodluck:

Message: Posted by: DavidEscapes (Jul 2, 2003 10:54AM)
Hi Mya

I felt we needed somewhere to discuss method in particular without being open to the general public. Which was my main reason for creating the community. Many thanks for your support :)

Message: Posted by: Mya Angel (Jul 6, 2003 02:08AM)
I think it's great that you have a place you can freely discuss you're art, (passion) I know you will do well and I wish you only the best. But don't forget about us as well. :bwink: