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Topic: Money Making Mystery Mansions
Message: Posted by: theoldfort (Jun 5, 2003 08:51AM)
Money Making Mystery Mansions
by Craig Browning


I have just purchased the above e-book from asquaredproductions.com and here is my review:

The e-book is a 28 page manuscript, which after title, cover, white space etc.. equates to about 21 pages of actual text. It is delivered in a PDF format for $40 from asquaredproductions.com

The book is broken down into sections:

1)Greetings From The Crypt
2)Getting The Mindset Cerebral Magick
Developing a character, mentalism vs magic
3)First Things First
Creating show themes
4)Taking Advantage Of the Past
5)What to Expects & How to Make It Happen
6)The Process of Marketing
7)Handling The Owner
B&B owners
8)Dollars & Sense
Opinion on Money
9)Scheduling Themes
Seasonal Themes
10)The Mystery Weekend Escape
A weekend package
11)An Ugly Reality
Opinion on B&B owners
12)Some Notes In Closing

I was very disappointed with this e-book. The content is more akin to a magazine article (8 1/2 thousand words) than an actual book.

Whilst Craig has a great career, is obviously a great communicator and has a good writing style I did not find anything of over and above the obvious in this manuscript. The manuscript is quite lightweight and in my opinion lacked real substance. I would have enjoyed reading this article in a magazine or as maybe a chapter in a fuller book

With reference to other sources available $40 is a very high price for the value of the information contained within this article.

I would not recommend this book for the price.