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Topic: Databases
Message: Posted by: mikejorden (Jun 5, 2003 08:52AM)
Because I can never remember what is on my collection of Videos & DVD's I decided to make a computer database of all items.

Has anyone else done this?

If so I would be interested how they classify each item.

So far my database classifies each video/dvd by Title, Author, and each effect (together with description of the effect)

The effects are subdivided by:
* what it uses (cards, coins etc etc)
* Close-Up, Stand-Up, Stage, "other" or Sleight/Move
* Comedy, Mentalism.

I would be interested in your input
Message: Posted by: MacGyver (Jun 5, 2003 09:02AM)
I have made a MySQL database for all my tricks, but haven't done books/video's yet.

A good idea would be to make different tables, one for tricks, and one for video's, then give each video a video_id and have each trick point to what video is on it, so that way you can look at tricks seprate of video's.

My trick table looks something like this:

ENUM column of Card, Coin, Money, Other
ENUM column of Magic, Funny, Child, Gambler, Mentalist, Other
A Title
A 1-10 rating column where I rate my effects
A "need" column, that includes whatever you need to perform said effect.

And now I'll probably add a vid_id column as well...
Message: Posted by: RiffClown (Jun 5, 2003 09:55AM)
I use an Excel Spreadheet.
Message: Posted by: RayBanks (Jun 5, 2003 10:02AM)
One of the regular contributors (Tony) to the Magic and Illusion forum has developed a database in Access 2000.

He is currently on Version 3 and it should be available pretty soon.

I've looked at the earlier versions and it definitely has possibilities.

Try this link:


For info on Version 3 and this one:


for the whole thread.
Message: Posted by: mikejorden (Jun 6, 2003 07:30AM)
Thanks for the input. For those interested I am writing mine in Clarion which is a WYSIWYG
language. It's "stand alone" program on which I can put icons & pictures.

I didn't include effects because I basically know them but DVD & Videos are a problem. So far I've cataloged 48 DVD/Videos and have 470 entries. It's a labor of love
Message: Posted by: thimblerig (Jun 6, 2003 04:07PM)
Glad somebody brought this up. What I really want is a user friendly desktop database that is compatible with a "little brother" on my Palm OS Sony Clie. I'd like to keep the database current on the PC and download to the Palm for travel, so when I'm out of town I can check my Clie for what I have/don't have.
Anybody got a line on anything like that?
Message: Posted by: mikejorden (Jun 7, 2003 09:09AM)
A nice thought, thimblerig. As I only perform about 30 effects I don't really need a sophisticated DB for them - but the list is downloaded onto my Palm.

I originally started this topic as a DB for Videos & DVDs. There is so much information on these that it is impossible to remember everything and I like to keep referring to it in order that I can research different methods and presentations for the effects I do.
Message: Posted by: hokeypokey (Aug 25, 2003 06:33PM)
FYI, there is a similar thread [url=http://www.themagiccafe.com/forums/viewtopic.php?topic=42669&forum=41&7&start=0#6]here[/url] in which a Caf user is considering developing a similar database.
Message: Posted by: wcb39 (Aug 29, 2003 06:02PM)
I am very pedestrian when it comes to computers so I just use Word and set up files just like you would if they were in a filing cabinet.