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Topic: Performance Case
Message: Posted by: ColinDymond (Sep 2, 2009 06:47AM)
How many of you use a performance case? How else do you seat your figure.
If you have any plans or photos that would be much appreciated.
Message: Posted by: Servante (Sep 2, 2009 09:57AM)
I bought a drummer's side table from Gibraltar. The top is a bit wider than most figure stands, but not troublesome, and the rest of it folds up nicely into something slightly bulkier than an umbrella.
Message: Posted by: tacrowl (Sep 2, 2009 10:57AM)
By performance case - do you mean a case that acts as a stand for your figure? There was a discussion here (I believe) some time back about the one Bill DeMar uses. Not sure who else used that style.

I do not use my cases as a table. I have two different stands I use depending on the situation. One is a custom made P&L base made by Owen Magic, the other is crafted by Al Good. Both pack small and fit into my case, which again, varies by show. A Porter Case when I fly, a Cabbage Case when I am driving to shows.

Al Good's products may be found at:
I highly recommend his work.