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Topic: Kutztown Magic Convention - Options
Message: Posted by: magic4u02 (Sep 3, 2009 09:42AM)
Hi All,

For those that are interested, the Kutztown magic convention which is quickly approaching is offering alternative options. You can do the dinner and show for $30.00 or the show only for $15.00. If you choose the dinner, please register prior to Nov 1st. For more info or to register, contact Mike Reist at revmike@ptd.net. Hope to see you there!

If you are planning on going, let us know so we can look for you.

Kyle and Kelly
Message: Posted by: Skotster (Sep 3, 2009 09:31PM)
I'm going for the whole day, and hopefully to the Gazzo event the next day.
Message: Posted by: revmike (Sep 8, 2009 08:33PM)
However, for most magicians we cannot stress enough how much you get for $55.00

1. 3 Lectures (Gazzo, John Carney, David Williamson)
2. Flea Market all morning
3. Magic Auction in the Afternoon
4. A large variety of dealers open all day long
5. Close-up Show before dinner
6. Dinner (All you can eat)
7. Full evening show

Besides the announced headliners: Rocco, Geoff Williams, Gazzo, John Carney and David Williamson (as well as our emcee for the evening Bob Little) I guarantee you there will be some other surprises at the convention as well.

It is our opinion that there is nothing else on the East Coast and possibly in the nation that can compare to our one day convention when you compare the total value of what Kutztown offers.

Hope to see a lot of you out at the Convention.

If you need a registration form or other information, e-mail me at revmike@ptd.net
Message: Posted by: ryansmagic (Sep 9, 2009 08:51AM)
$55 for this convention is almost a joke. Clearly there is much more value than $55. See everyone there, I have been every year, for a long time.
Message: Posted by: Bob Sanders (Sep 13, 2009 06:31PM)
This is a deal! Plus, DoveLite Silk will be in the dealer room!

Come say "Howdy".

Bob Sanders
Magic By Sander
Message: Posted by: Al Angello (Sep 13, 2009 07:59PM)
Hey Bob
I'll meet you there and this time dinner is on me.
Message: Posted by: Bob Sanders (Sep 14, 2009 08:40AM)
On 2009-09-13 20:59, Al Angello wrote:
Hey Bob
I'll meet you there and this time dinner is on me.

LOL! Folks may not know that dinner is included at this convention. Even if they hate magic, the dinner is worth it.

If you'll allow me to ruin your neighborhood, we could sit together! Odds are about 100% everyone will be seated next to a magician.

See you in PA.

Bob Sanders
Magic By Sander
Message: Posted by: TKO MAGIC (Sep 14, 2009 01:02PM)
Hey Al , you never seen Bob eat. We might have to charge this year... lol

Bob is correct , the dinner is free and all you can eat.

Message: Posted by: revmike (Sep 15, 2009 07:37PM)
Also, one note: Right now Mingus is having trouble with its website, so if you have any questions at all about Kutztown either PM me or e-mail me at revmike@ptd.net.
Message: Posted by: Bob Sanders (Sep 25, 2009 06:07AM)

Have you ever watched Al "juggle" food? Don't be fooled by the misdirection. It's a vanishing act!

See you folks there.

Bob Sanders
Magic By Sander
Message: Posted by: Rizzo (Sep 25, 2009 09:27AM)
Bob, now that's funny.
Message: Posted by: bsmith (Sep 28, 2009 02:38AM)
Sounds great! What is the date of this convention?
Message: Posted by: revmike (Sep 28, 2009 07:16AM)
Convention is Saturday, Nov. 14th - See Rocco, Geoff Williams, Gazzo, John Carney and David Williamson plus a whole lot of others.
Message: Posted by: revmike (Sep 30, 2009 06:40AM)
We still also have Flea Market Tables available at the Convention if anyone is interested. Questions, PM me.

Message: Posted by: revmike (Oct 4, 2009 07:44AM)
Here is an updated flyer & reg. form with updated information including that for a hotel.

Message: Posted by: Doomo (Oct 4, 2009 10:51PM)
Anyone got a name and phone number so I can contact them?

PM me or write to me at :

Message: Posted by: Paul (Oct 6, 2009 08:43AM)
Should be a great convention, sad I'm having to miss this one due to other committments as the past several have been excellent. Guess I'm just going to have to look forward to 2010!

Message: Posted by: revmike (Oct 6, 2009 09:28AM)
We will miss you Paul - It should be an incredible day.

Even after all the names announced including the latest a couple days ago, there will be even more surprises the day of the convention.
Message: Posted by: revmike (Oct 9, 2009 11:35AM)
You can also register thru paypal. Just give me your basic info in the paypal notes, Name, address, phone, and e-mail and pay via paypal (Assembly92@aol.com) - Will be an absolutely fantastic convention.
Message: Posted by: revmike (Oct 25, 2009 05:22PM)
Coming up Soon. Get your registrations in.