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Topic: Heads Up Card Tricks
Message: Posted by: Martino (Mar 28, 2002 05:04PM)
Anybody out there do any card tricks which use the "Heads Up/Hands Up" type of handling e.g. Reed McClintocks version of "Twisting the Aces" or Guy Hollingworths "Waving the Aces"? Any different tricks to the ones mentioned? Where did you find them?
Message: Posted by: Giles (Mar 29, 2002 06:15PM)
Interesting question! By "Heads Up/Hands Up" I'm assuming you mean effects which can be performed at chest height. I perform Guy's
"Waving the Aces" and enjoy it for that reason. The only other effect I do like this, is a T&R card (Reparation). I look forward to reading more suggestions.

Message: Posted by: Robert LAMAR (Apr 16, 2002 02:58PM)
Let me offer a few more effects for consideration for the "Heads Up/Hands Up" condition: Paul Harris's "Immaculate Connection," Roy Walton's "Card Warp," Sixten Beme's "One Card Link," any number of "Card Rising" effects, "6 Card Repeat," Jay Sankey's "Airtight," and Fred Kaps' handling of the Joe Riding effect "Only Three Card Trick With Four Cards."

Although by no means exhaustive, the aforementioned are a few of the more well known effects that meet the "Heads Up/Hands Up" criteria. In fact, many card effects - with some thought and creative changes - can be made to fit the above requirements. This is especially true with a lot of the packet effects that are prevelant today.
Message: Posted by: Geoff Williams (Apr 17, 2002 09:12AM)
Most, if not all, jumbo card platform/stage tricks (McCombical Deck, The Whole Card Trick, etc.) should be performed in "Heads Up/Hands Up" style.

I've seen the Invisible Deck done this way as well.

It certainly is a more personable way of performing.
Message: Posted by: Garrett Nelson (Apr 18, 2002 06:19PM)
I perform cannibal cards using the Ascino (sorry, I don't have the correct spelling in front of me) spread. It is a little something I have been working on, but any CC using it works great!

I suppose I should clarify that I do this chest high, as that is the topic of discussion. Well, actually below the chest and off to my left, but you get the idea...