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Topic: Hot Rod?
Message: Posted by: Sir Richard (Sep 14, 2009 10:03PM)
My friend & mentor showed me a close-up trick the other day that he bought years ago & claims that he doesn't believe that they make it any more. It looks like a brass Hot Rod, but the "final color side" can be switched during the routine to four different colors for four different endings; anybody heard of this?

Sir Richard
Message: Posted by: rtgreen (Sep 15, 2009 11:55AM)
There was a brass hot rod that had a kind of sliding section that allowed the colors to change. I think it was a MAK Magic product, but I'm not 100% sure. I'll look around and see if I can find anything.

I just did a quick search and found this at Penguin Magic:


I think that's what you are looking for.

Message: Posted by: magiclimber (Sep 16, 2009 09:55PM)
The brass hot rod from penguin that you speak of is made by magic makers.

While one clear benefit it that it can produce two colors rather than one, a big disadvantage is that the colors are recessed which, in my opinion, hints to a sliding action within the rod.

I still perform this effect occasionally with fairly good reactions.
Message: Posted by: rtgreen (Sep 17, 2009 12:54AM)
You're right. It is Magic Makers. I ran a shop years ago and I sold these. Personally, I like the standard Hot Rod better. I think one of the first things spectators suspect is that the colors somehow slide into new positions. I carry a plastic version made from prism tape in my pocket when I am setting up shows so if someone asks me to show them a trick I have something quick to do so I can get back to work. at the end of the routine I hand it to them and say, "Check it out." Almost every time they take their thumb and try to slide the colors. When they realize that isn't possible, they try pressing on the colors to see if pressure or heat make them change. The problem with the sliding colors in the brass version is though they can't move them, they can see it could be possible for the colors to slide. Once they see this, they stop thinking about it and assume they found the solution.

Message: Posted by: rtgreen (Sep 17, 2009 01:17AM)
Just for fun, here is my Hot Rod routine. It's quick and has an interesting flow to it. If anyone thinks it's good, go ahead and use it. It plays well for me. . .

"Here's something neat. This little stick is covered in colors. There are colors on both sides, the front and the back, so what I would like you to do is tell me which side you would like to use - the front or the back. You can choose either one and that is the one we'll use. The front? (or back) Good. Now there are six colors on the front, so if you would, just name a number between one and six. Four? Great. The forth color is orange. Notice, if you would have picked the other side, the forth color would be green.* But you chose orange. Now, watch. I spin the stick three times, 1, 2, 3, and on 3 the stick changes to the color you chose. and, if I just shake it like this, the colors all come back. Finally, if I just dip my finger into the orange and rub it onto the back, that side changes colors and this side stays the same. Here, check it out."

* When I show both sides of the stick it is effectively turned end over end. For example, the stick I am using as I write this has a red color at the end toward the spectator. When I do the paddle move, the red end is now pointing toward me. By giving the spectator a choice of front or back, it implies the colors are not in the same order on both sides. When the number is chosen, I count to the force color on the side they have chosen. I then do the paddle move and count from the opposite end. Because the paddle has turned end for end it appears I am counting from the same end and arriving at a different color. It is difficult to explain in writing, but makes sense when you try it. If anyone has any questions just let me know.

Message: Posted by: Sir Richard (Sep 17, 2009 11:52AM)
The name of the original item is: "Golden Rainbow Stick II."

Sir Richard.
Message: Posted by: Adam1975 (Sep 18, 2009 10:38AM)
What I love about Hot Rod is the spekky says 6 and ends up with 3....the 3rd one along or something silly like that...fantastic!! :confused:
Message: Posted by: Christopher Lyle (Sep 18, 2009 12:19PM)
The BEST that I ever saw was made by Jay Scott Berry and it was called Star Beam. It was like a fantastix version but was very elegant. If memory serves, the stick was about 1.5" wide and about 5" long. The colors were made of a mirror like materail. One side was multi color the other side was gold.

It was slighlty rounded and was a beautiful work of art. Star Beam came with a plastic (er...crystal) cylindar that you could seal the stick into and even tho' your hands never touch it, it still manages to change to gold.

You could do the same boring routine that never makes any sense, but Jay had a really nice routine using it where he told a story. It was perfectly motivated.

I recently contacted Jay about seeing if he still sold these and he said he no longer makes them as the company that makes the mirror's went out of business some 10 years ago.

I SO WISH I had one today. DARN!!!!!

Message: Posted by: dpe666 (Sep 18, 2009 03:05PM)
The only Hot Rods worth using are the clear ones. Anything else, and the spectators think that the gems slide. :devilish:
Message: Posted by: james prince (Sep 19, 2009 05:09AM)
I played around with the brass hot rod for a few weeks - it really doesn't stand up in real life

Even if it was made better (it isn't especially well made, not bad butů) it still shouts - gimmicked!

I used Curtis Kam's idea of adding earring clips to the ends of hot rods to make them 'real' objects and it seemed to help the feel of the presentation

But for now at least am not using any of the variations
Message: Posted by: EVILDAN (Sep 20, 2009 09:55AM)
When I do the first change on the hot rod, it doesn't work. Then I flick the end with my forefinger and then it works.

At the end, when I give it out, everyone is flicking the end trying to get it to work. It's a lot of fun.

Oh, and I usually only use the black lucite ones. They hint at gimmickry while the clear ones won't. I like shooting them down the wrong road of reason for this one.