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Topic: Fiber Optrics at table hopping
Message: Posted by: niva (Sep 20, 2009 09:04AM)

Does anyone perform Fiber Optics at table hopping? I practiced the routine thoroughly, but sometimes the ones at the front of a large table get on the technique of how the loop is made. Am I standing too close or is this more of something for a larger audience like parlour or stage sttings?

Thanks a lot for any input.
Message: Posted by: Yellowcustard (Sep 20, 2009 09:29AM)
I use this on walk round and find people love it. As for the move you mention it needs to be a bit of beat as it can show the trick up a bit. I find sometimes people catch on quickly but if you carry on with convection you just confuses them again. Also check how you run your fingers over the loop if you don't do this enough it suspicious if you do it to much its obvious. also make sure you reference and show the two ends as ends. I think if you re watch the instruction and a little mirror work your be back on track.
Message: Posted by: Al Angello (Sep 20, 2009 09:40AM)
I cary my bag with me to walk around gig's, but I only go to it when a large group request's something big.

If you do not have the propper distance you will not fool anyone.
Message: Posted by: Sammy J. (Sep 20, 2009 12:33PM)
I do a streamlined version for tables. I will only do it if I can stand at least 4 feet away. I don't do the part where the ends slide down the rope. That move definately requires some distance from the specs to pull off. I also start the routine with the three ropes equal length. The short rope isn't introduced until the very end of the routine. This throws them off when it comes to method.

Message: Posted by: niva (Sep 20, 2009 03:47PM)
Great for the feedback guys.
Message: Posted by: Alan Munro (Sep 20, 2009 05:45PM)
Fiber optics requires attention to detail, when performing it close. The texture of the rope must blur, when showing it as a loop. When merely holding the loop, or appearing to run it through the hand, grip with the the fingers. The hand that appears to be doing the pulling should use the thumb.
Message: Posted by: niva (Sep 20, 2009 06:46PM)
Hmmm interesting. But again I think it's really risky this much close. I mean I was merely two feet away at one time from the person in fornt.

Thanks Alan.
Message: Posted by: Mediocre the Great (Sep 20, 2009 08:32PM)
I perform Richard's Fiber Optics Routine close up strolling regularly. I get huge reactions. What I like about the routine is you can engage an entire round of 8 or 10 people. I find that angles are manageable.

When I get the loop, I use an alternative method taught by Richard on his DVD -the one handed method. The misdirection is when you take back the medium sized rope - I have a couple great lines that totally cover the set up.

Some do catch on that you must have an extra piece - or that you don't have really a solid loop - but they play along becuase my presentation is strong and moves at a good pace. In the end, even the wise ones are impressed. There are several moments when the ropes can be shown so fairly that it dispells logical explainations.

One of my clients saw me do the routine 3 or 4 times at different tables and asked if I had a 4th piece of rope. I told his that was a wonderful compliment but I only have 3 ropes.
Message: Posted by: niva (Sep 21, 2009 02:30AM)
I have no problem when getting the medium sized rope back from them. As you said I joke with them while showing the medium one, in the other hand, which is put in the background, all the work is done. just a bend of the wrist and done.

I am more concerned with the loop. For me if one catches it, it's not good. I want everyone to enjoy it and be astonished as much as possible. It would be a shame to have some people get on it because this one is such a special effect. I mean Richard Sanders is not kidding when he says their eyes pop out of their sockets. They really do. And jaws drop. I had others plaing their hands on their faces.

I was worried I was doing something wrong with this because I need to perform it in a street setting in 2 weeks and that's why I wrote here. I have been practicing it for a long time now. But it looks like I am having trouble when I am too close. And it seems I am not the onyl one too.

So, I have decided. This will be more for larger audiences, and if I perform it in table hopping, I will stand back or forget about it. Because as you said this is great to involve a whole large table.

Thanks all for your feedback.
Message: Posted by: The Big Q (Sep 28, 2009 09:00AM)
I do it often, but I only do the two rope edition - I also stream line it (like an earlier poster - no sliding ends) and, yes, I keep the loop to a minimum. As I only have 'one' rope, I've started combining/finishing it off with Daryl's Acrobatic knot to some great reaction - they stop thinking about how the first part was done.

Message: Posted by: magicians (Sep 30, 2009 12:51PM)
I do my ungimmicked dances with ropes tableside. A blow-away.
Message: Posted by: Mr. Mystoffelees (Oct 2, 2009 03:28PM)
On 2009-09-20 18:45, Alan Munro wrote:
Fiber optics requires attention to detail, when performing it close. The texture of the rope must blur, when showing it as a loop. When merely holding the loop, or appearing to run it through the hand, grip with the the fingers. The hand that appears to be doing the pulling should use the thumb.

Exactly! I don't mean to be critical of someone more gifted that I, but to me Richard did not go far enough when explaining how the thumbs work (at least on the version I have). He teaches to open both thumbs simultaneously when doing the loop illusion. In actual practice, however, the thumbs move out of sync with each other. I changed this and feel it is much more realistic...
Message: Posted by: The Big Q (Oct 3, 2009 05:55PM)
The loop can be the difficult part to make fly when too close...but like any trick, the right presentation will make all the difference. Keep it short and sharp!

Message: Posted by: niva (Oct 4, 2009 02:28AM)
So, there seems to be a consensus that this is better for a litle farther away. For my table hopping I will adapt a different routine and a bit shorter too.

mandarin I understand hat you are saying. I tried what you are saying, opening one thumb and then the other and it's not easy. I will give it another try. The way |I am doing it right now is stretching my arms and let the hands hang at the wrists. I then pull both hands away from each other at the wrist and then together again.

But maybe something with the texture of the rope spoils the illusion when done right under their noses. The restaurant I work in not large and tables are cloes to one another. So I cannot move too back or I will disturb other tables or the staff and it will also look weird.

Thanks for all the help everyone. Really appreciate it.