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Topic: Book: Seeing Through Illusions by Richard L Gregory
Message: Posted by: StuartNolan (Sep 30, 2009 03:34AM)
For your information... I haven't read it yet but I intend to. I'd be interested to hear opinions from anyone who has read it.


There is a world of objects spread out before us in glorious color. It seems as if perception just happens. But does it? Is it really that simple? As Richard Gregory reveals in this attractively illustrated book, the more we discover about the senses and the brain, the more we realize that seeing, hearing, smelling, touching, and tasting depend on incredibly complicated machinery--both in the sense organs and in the brain.

One of the world's leading authorities on perception, Gregory offers an insightful state-of-the-art tour of how the brain captures and interprets the world. He describes the evolution of the sense organs, a process so remarkable that even Darwin was reluctant to believe that natural selection could have "designed" structures as complicated as eyes or other sense organs. Gregory shows how perception actually works and in particular how the brain interprets perceptual information. The author reveals how the phenomena of illusions provide an important key for unlocking secrets of perception. And the book also examines the special case of pictures such as drawing and paintings, describing how the brain interprets them as representing objects.

Seing Through Illusions will enthrall everyone interested in the borderland where the inner and the outer world meet.