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Topic: Oct. Talkabout Tricks
Message: Posted by: ThomasJ (Oct 2, 2009 11:58PM)
John Luka's "The Airplane Card," John Bannon's "Counterpunch," and Kostya Kimlat's "A Curious Case of Murder" seem very commercial.

Kostya's was very interesting because I had never noticed the sleeve similarities before. I've only looked at Bicycles, but does anyone know if any other decks have more pronounced similarities.

Any thoughts on this month's effects?

Message: Posted by: closeupmagician (Oct 5, 2009 02:35PM)
Frank Fogg's "Process of Elimination" routine looks great. I used it last night and it played very well. I looked him up on youtube and he has a ton of great stuff.
Message: Posted by: Kostya (Oct 15, 2009 06:17PM)
Thanks, Thomas.
Perhaps some magicians will add the trick to their repertoire. It truly was a wonderful discovery when I noticed the sleeves. The story came together shortly thereafter. I'm pleased to share with the community.
Message: Posted by: ThomasJ (Oct 16, 2009 01:43AM)

We appreciate it. Thank you for all your contributions.

Message: Posted by: Frankfoggmagic (Oct 20, 2009 07:25PM)
Thanks for the support closeupmagician.

I use it as a middle piece when performing for people and it gets a very good reaction. The best part is it that the method can applied in so many ways to create a number of different effects.

Thanks again.

- Frank Fogg