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Topic: Wedding Speech
Message: Posted by: deanbarlow (Oct 9, 2009 11:13AM)
Hi Guys,
In 8 weeks time I will be getting married and wish to weave some magic effects in to my Groom's Wedding Speech. I plan to do Airborne and possibly a Torn & Restored newspaper effect but do any of you have any other ideas / effects which would be suitable to include in my speech.
Thanks in advance.
Message: Posted by: Irfaan Kahan (Oct 9, 2009 11:28AM)
Something with the wedding ring, perhaps?

Something with ropes and knots with a patter along the lines of "Tied together in love"?

Steal your father in law's watch. Give it back during the speech and say, "And that's just the beginning, Pops!"

This is why I don't do magic at weddings . . .
Message: Posted by: deanbarlow (Oct 9, 2009 01:55PM)
Many thanks for your prompt reply and suggestions. I will look into some of this.
Thanks, Dean
Message: Posted by: Flamel (Oct 9, 2009 02:46PM)
The father in law's watch would be hilarious, his wallet, keys...start giving the 'valuable' things back to him but tell him you'll be holding onto his daughter for quite some time...but you'll keep her safe so he won't have to worry about that.

...but I suppose it depends on how you two get along.
Message: Posted by: nattefrost (Oct 9, 2009 08:27PM)
If you want a nice card effect that fits perfectly with your situation try "Anniversary Waltz". It's a cool effect where each spectator (preferably the Bride and the Groom) picks a card,(seperately), signs it, and in the end their cards become "fused" together into one card with both signatures on the front and the back of the same card......showing that they will be together forever!! Hopefully!:)
Message: Posted by: deanbarlow (Oct 10, 2009 03:11AM)
Thanks Guys,
I think that I am looking for Stand Up style effects which can woven in to my speech without actually presenting them as magic tricks (if you get what I mean?) ie: Airborne type gags.
Message: Posted by: Servaas Koomen (Oct 10, 2009 03:47AM)
Can you elaborate brief on the contents of your speech?
Message: Posted by: deanbarlow (Oct 10, 2009 07:10AM)
I am the groom and will be conducting my 'Groom's Speech'. I will be thanking people for coming etc etc etc. At the start of the speech I intend to do Torn & Restorn Newspaper / Speech and mid-way through the speech I intend to take a drink and do 'Airborne'. Just looking for some other effects which will not be presented as 'look hear is a trick / pick a card........'. I am just after gag / effects which will get people's attention as I conduct the speech.
Message: Posted by: Josh the Superfluous (Oct 10, 2009 10:34AM)
Point to your wedding band and say "This ring is a symbol of my commitment. And as long as I wear it I will always be true. But... I am a magician. And we do things differently.". Make the ring vanish, and make-out with the maid of honor for a few minutes. Then say "Of course, that was just an illusion." Make the ring reappear, and sit down next to your bride.
Message: Posted by: pradell (Oct 10, 2009 01:27PM)
I have performed at a lot of weddings, primarily as a DJ/MC and also as a magician from time to time. There is a lot going on at a wedding. It sounds like you already have quite a bit planned for the speech, which is normally over in a flash at most weddings. Unless the bride and groom want you to perform a complete magic show, at someone else's wedding, it may be that brevity is the soul of wit. Knock 'em dead with a couple of items and hand the mike over to someone else. You've made your point. It's their show, not yours.

At my wedding which occurred on Halloween, the minister was Mirth, the bride was Cruella De Ville, the great Shogun and his wife, the wicked witch, gave the bride away, the ring was lost and found by the rabbit, and I cut the brand new wife in 2 with a real jig saw right after we were wed. But of course, this was my wedding.

The best man was a vampire and the maid of honor was a bride.

End result, if it's o.k. with the wedding couple, go for it. If not, keep it brief and meaningful.

Message: Posted by: Josh the Superfluous (Oct 10, 2009 02:18PM)
On 2009-10-10 08:10, deanbarlow wrote:
I am the groom and will be conducting my 'Groom's Speech'.

It is "His Show". :)
Message: Posted by: DWRackley (Oct 13, 2009 04:51PM)
Something with wedding rings comes to mind. Linking, maybe?

Offer the mother of the bride a hanky that changes colors or disappears?

Use a mirror glass to make your toast, with a surprise of some sort loaded?

Use a picture frame to change a photo of the two of you side by side to the two of you kissing?

Produce a spring flower and give it to your bride?

Turn your napkin into a rose and give it to your bride?

Hope something here helps...

Congratulations, by the way!
May you have many long and happy years together!

Message: Posted by: magicbobc (Oct 13, 2009 05:45PM)
Congratulations on your wedding, I know the speech will go great!
Message: Posted by: pradell (Oct 14, 2009 12:58AM)
Thanks Josh! You're absolutely right! It's his gig. . . he's got the floor.

Message: Posted by: Herr Brian Tabor (Oct 14, 2009 09:10PM)
Perhaps offer a toast to the bride and groom, pouring your drink from the bottle you just produced?
Message: Posted by: Josh the Superfluous (Oct 14, 2009 09:29PM)
Speed reading is highly over-rated.