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Topic: Conradi Rope Trick
Message: Posted by: funkyguy (Jun 10, 2003 10:59PM)
So does anyone do this. I was wondering if this was a stand alone trick or if it can be done with an existing effect? pm me or post here.
Message: Posted by: towledge (Aug 10, 2003 10:04PM)
Does anyone know how Pavels Super Walking Knot compares with the Conradi Rope Trick I recently saw advertised? The effects are different but may or may not be based on similar principles. PM me is necessary.
Message: Posted by: Harry Murphy (Aug 18, 2003 06:05PM)
The Conradi Rope trick (aka, Phoenix Cut and Restored trick) is not at all like the Pavel Super Walking Knot. They have three things in common, both are rope tricks, both use gimmicks (thee Pavel trick has 12 or 13 and the Conradi has one), and neither can stand close examination.

The Pavel trick is more than a cut and restored. It is a cut-walking knot-show the cut has moved-restored trick. It is self-contained and requires nothing else ever. This can be a strong piece of magic.

The Conradi is a cut and restored trick. That's it! The strength of the Conradi rope trick is that the center of a long piece of rope is marked and a spectator clearly and cleanly cuts the rope into two pieces at the mark. The rope is actually cut into two pieces. Then the magician restores the rope into one long piece that two spectators may tug on to prove that it has been restored. You have to rebuild the rope each time you use it. And you will have to replace the rope after a number (say 25 or 30) shows. It you lose a couple of inches of rope for each performance. It is NOT instant reset.

If you have Volume two of the Abbots Encyclopedia you have the write-up for the Phoenix Cut and Restored trick. It is the Conradi Rope trick. Even knowing the secret, you will have to find and buy the gimmick to make one up yourself. It is cheaper and easier to get it already properly made from Ted Lesley’s Wonder Workshop (he makes and distributes this trick) or from Stevens Magic Emporium.

I have and have used both. They are dramatically different in effect and handling. I use the Pavel trick when I am on a platform and have some distance from the audience.

I use the Conradi trick when I am closer to the spectators (parlor, street, small platform, etc.). I will use the rope for a rope through spectator’s body first (no gimmick needed and for those who know the Conradi Rope trick you understand).

That said there are two other tricks that give the same effect without gimmicking the rope.

First you can get a cut-walking knot-untie the knot to show the cut has moved-restored rope using a bit of bluff and a special gimmick (this is a Jim Steinmyer effect called “Knot Unexpected” try Hank Lee).

Second, I can get a similar effect as the Conradi rope trick without gimmicking the rope. The handling I use is much cleaner and I don’t have to keep buying and rebuilding a trick rope. There is no real bother. However, the version I use is not readily available (I have one gimmick and doubt if I will ever build or find another) so you are stuck doing the Conradi (which isn’t so bad now is it?).