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Topic: U.f. Grant's Floating Pencil
Message: Posted by: jskalon (Oct 14, 2009 10:16AM)
Can anyone tel me where to find U.f. Grant's Floating Pencil? I checked the Grant books on the Lybrary and didn't see it.
Message: Posted by: echomagic (Oct 14, 2009 02:08PM)
General Grant's "Rising Pen" is still available. Is this what you meant? It is very inexpensive and a small miracle when done with the right patter.

No m****ts or T****ds are used. It can be done 1 inch away from a spectator. The get-ready is almost nothing and it always gets GREAT reactions in restaurant work.

Available at Hank Lee's or from Gen Grant directly at the SAMCON Convention in Peabody, MA, coming up in November.

This magic effect is definitely my "pen pal".
Message: Posted by: jskalon (Oct 14, 2009 02:20PM)
That sounds like it Echomagic (although I thought it was a pencil). I looked on Hank Lee's site but couldn't find it. I won't be at SAMCON, so I'll keep looking around.
Message: Posted by: echomagic (Oct 15, 2009 05:06PM)
You may ask Eddie Gardner from Diamond's Magic in Peabody, MA. He may have the item as well.

General Grant lives in MA and Eddie is involved in making SAMCON possible. Gen Grant has been to every SAMCON. Eddie's email address is: eddie@diamondsmagic.com
Message: Posted by: jskalon (Oct 15, 2009 07:00PM)
Thanks for the help!