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Topic: Want to become an assistant (please read entire post)
Message: Posted by: nicolewilliams00 (Oct 14, 2009 09:44PM)
Let me start off by being honest. I am a male who is a crossdresser and I have always wanted to be a magicians assistant. Make that a female assistant.

I know this will bother some people and offend some others but let me be clear, this isn't about indulging in some fetish, or having the opportunity to mince about the stage in a sequined dress. I have always been in awe of magic and some of my fondest memories as a kid were watching the magic specials on television. I loved everything about it and was especially enthralled by the grace and beauty of the assistants. I always thought about what it would be like to perform, but never had the chance.

I know this is a unusual post for a forum like this, and I have no illusions about the challenges facing me to fulfill such a dream. I know that men typically are not used as assistants because of their size, and the idea of a man in drag, even a really pretty one, is off putting and offensive to some. All I am asking for is some advise, and perhaps a chance to try this.

I am in Ohio, but travel worldwide on business. I own several costumes, have taken ballet in the past (and would love to start again), and am a theatrical lighting designer by trade. I would love to hear from any and all about your thoughts and/or opportunities.

nicolewilliams00 (at) yahoo-dot-com
Message: Posted by: Servaas Koomen (Oct 23, 2009 03:11AM)
Very cool. love the fact that you express yourself.

I'm not a stage perfomer, so I cannot help you. but I wish you the best of luck.

I'm sure there are free-minded people here for you
Message: Posted by: griffindance (Oct 2, 2012 09:56AM)
Unless you are performing to a specific audience I don't see how to make this work for you.
Men are men, women (please finish the sentence yourself). Although I have known the occassional guy (always short and physically flexible) it is difficult to use a man as an assistant given the normal narrative to an illusion. Not impossible but uncommon.
Message: Posted by: Granger (Dec 15, 2012 05:09AM)
Very brave indeed. Do what you like and I support you :)
Message: Posted by: jugglestruck (Dec 18, 2012 04:13PM)
I would have thought being a cross-dressing assistant could be a huge selling point to a show. Attitudes have changed so much recently and people want to see something different. I think you might be onto a winner :)
Message: Posted by: John C (Feb 7, 2013 06:26PM)
So what's different these days about a cross dresser?
Message: Posted by: jugglestruck (Feb 8, 2013 08:42AM)
On 2013-02-07 19:26, John C wrote:
So what's different these days about a cross dresser?

How exactly do you mean?
Message: Posted by: DavidThomas (Jun 1, 2013 09:12PM)
This would be a tough sell in most markets. The could be some "niche" markets that you could look into. Burlesque clubs are popping up, also the drag shows could be a possibility.