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Topic: Gene Anderson's Torn & Restored Paper
Message: Posted by: mnmagic (Jun 12, 2003 12:26AM)
I am curious if any of you who perform the T&R actually display the paper as pictured, i.e. in front of you overhand. It seems very awkward to hold a paper this way.

The other way I am playing with is to hold it normally and off to the side with my body turned slightly. This distributes the weight correctly and by turning my body at the right time a quarter turn and showing the other pages to the other half of the audience it feels more natural.

What are your opinions? The later method seems more natural and fluid but blocks half the audience for a moment, and the other half the next.

Message: Posted by: Terry Holley (Jun 12, 2003 08:26AM)
I have performed it a few times over the years and I did it per original instructions. I don't think anyone in the audience questions the handling as they have probably never seen you show them a newspaper before and they figure that is how you would show it for everyone to see (as you mention, there is slight blocking for a while).

But if it feels more natural to you and you can do the one needed "move" when showing it the way you are thinking, then I say give it a try.

Still, I think Gene probably figured out the best way before he released the routine.

By the way, welcome to The Café.

Message: Posted by: mnmagic (Jun 12, 2003 12:00PM)
Thanks for your thoughts Terry. I hadn't thought about your comment that Gene had probably worked out the aspects before releasing it. Good Point.

I am not sure I completely agree though that he would have picked the "best" method, as it seems sort of subjective.

In either case, comfortable handling seems key to a convincing display.

Message: Posted by: BroDavid (Jun 12, 2003 08:36PM)
For some additional tips on this, if you feel you can use them, FTAMagician has a video on the Paper Tear based on Gene Anderson's, but telling you things that Gene didn't tell you.

The display of the paper is directly in front of you and held as you would normally hold a newspaper (although higher on the pages) so you are holding it from the sides.

And after the tear and restore, you can hand out the restored paper. He even shows how to tear the paper, and drop, or pull a piece out, have the spec sign it, and then restore the paper, minus that one piece which the spec finds fits perfectly.

Tom also goes into great detail on building the gimmick and also on a smaller (WallMart ad sized) newspaper tear.

He had it listed in DVD/VIdeos for sale here, and was only asking $10 (which included shipping) for the 2 hour VHS video. I sent him $20, it was two full hours of very good stuff. I don't know if he is still selling it, but it was real working material.

Gene Anderson is the King, and Tom gives him full credit, but takes it another step in his underground video.

Message: Posted by: mnmagic (Jun 12, 2003 11:12PM)

Thanks for the info. I have never heard of FTAmagic. I have seen the extras performed such as the signature but have not seen it taught before. Will have to check into the video at a later time.

After a visit to a magician friend and a discussion we had about the effect I have decided to drop the second proving display of the paper. It seems to be anticlimatic to me. The flash restoration and the fact they will see most of the paper as it folded back together and the paper will be handled like it is a normal everyday paper should be enough. If the audience starts to applaud, telling them to wait (as per the instructions) seems to be unnessecary just so I can prove the paper is ungimmicked.

The only part I am still questioning is in regards to the mental reconstruction that happens afterward.


Thanks for your help on the paper tear. I just performed it for the first time and of anything performed, it got the most response.

Message: Posted by: BroDavid (Jun 25, 2003 08:36PM)
Well Done!

It is a bit of work to set it up, folding and backfolding etc, to make sure it unfolds easily, but that flash restoration and the response to it, is definitely worth the effort.

Message: Posted by: Dave Campbell (Aug 5, 2003 12:09PM)
Torn and restored newspaper is my favorite trick to perform. It has received great response every time and some of my family and friends have seen me perform it 40 or 50 times and are still amazed when I do it.

I hold it off to the side like you commented on. For me it is much easier to handle. But it really comes down to personal preference.
Message: Posted by: shane_delon (Aug 5, 2003 10:20PM)
I got really good at making this illusion up per the newspaper magic instructions, but was never able to get it past the point of showing it to my wife. The load seemed to flash to often both before and after the effect whenever I would flip the double there seemed to be just enough gap to get a glimpse.

Can anyone give me advice on this?

I've found it helps some to hold the newspaper from the top and closer to the center because otherwise the weight is off balance at one point and the middle pages sag toward the load when you let go with the particular hand.

Anyone who has suggestions could you please post them or e-mail me - shane_delon@hotmail.com

Thanks in Advance!!