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Topic: Padooki
Message: Posted by: tommy (Oct 25, 2009 05:28PM)

Any of you fellows play this game?


I donít play it but I have dealt it a few times in dealer choice made sessions games.
Message: Posted by: Maitre D (Oct 25, 2009 09:20PM)
I've played it a couple of times. It's fun but I couldn't really get a good feel for the game - I'd need to play more. One thing is for sure, it made for some pretty good laughs after drinking.

On one of the opening hands of the game, a guy we were playing with kept raising until finally going all-in. The pot was huge so a couple of us called. We were expecting he had something amazing but he proudly turned over his 4 sixes, one of the worst possible hands in the game. He had forgotten it was the 'lowest' valued 4 card hand that wins. I'll tell ya, that was one hell of a losing hand.
Message: Posted by: splice (Oct 26, 2009 06:37AM)
The more accepted term that I've seen is Badugi, not Padooki. It's the whole baduk/paduk (weichi/weiqui/go/igo/etc) thing again I guess, we always run into romanization issues with korean, chinese, etc.

I've played a couple hundred hands of it. I'm not all that good at it, but I can at least read my hand. I've had people play like Maitre described, it's pretty funny to see them lose, then be confused for the next few hands, keep losing, and then just quit without figuring out the rules of the game.

I think that's generally something to keep in mind - if you don't know the rules down pat, don't play for money unless you don't care about losing it.
Message: Posted by: tommy (Oct 26, 2009 07:41AM)
There is a player who, when there is dealers choice game at my game which rare, always calls this game on his button, and does so because he seems to be the only one at the table who knows how to play it well. The other fellows know the rules alright but donít seem to have much of an idea about the strategy of it. I can but only deal it and know the rules but I never play it. I personally think it is not poker and just some stupid game that some one thought up. Nonetheless there seems to be guys who like it and in dealers choice games in casino here I see guys call for it quite often. It seems to me, not knowing much about it myself, that it is open to some artifice because there so many draws in it going on.
Message: Posted by: splice (Oct 26, 2009 01:06PM)
It's a lowball poker variant is all. Not very special. 2-7 triple draw has just as many draws, but counts the ace high, straights count against you, and suits don't matter. Would make a great game for hand muckers.

As far as playing strategy, I keep it pretty simple. I fold anything but tris (three good cards of diff. suits) and badugis unless I have A2, A3, 23, A4 maybe. Raise and jam any badugi 10 or below unless I make mine after someone else. Fold if I'm drawing from behind, am bet into and don't have good odds to make my hand.

One interesting thing to note is that King high and Queen high badugis make for over 50% of all badugis.
Message: Posted by: euro76 (Oct 29, 2009 09:40PM)
Actually, Badugi refers a dog, which cannot be idetified what breed it is, in Korean term.
Or some old folks in Korea call all dogs as Badugi. (Especially, my grandmother)
and/or popular (most common) name for a dog.
Because Badugi game supose to make different suit and numbers, that is why it called "Badugi".(all mixed)
Koreans are really like to twist an original game.
They(we) change 5 card stud/draw for more heavy and aggressive bet, such as, KamKami, River game, Choice hold'em and etc.
of course, I have played Badugi and it is hard.
there are 3 chances to change card(s), even you have used all chances of changing cards, it is hard to get 4 different suit and numbers.
Message: Posted by: Maitre D (Oct 29, 2009 10:10PM)
I just thought I'd like to add that when I've played it, it too was referred as "Badugi," not "Padooki."