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Topic: Tarot Reading Secrets DVD Vol. 1 & 2
Message: Posted by: KOTAH (Oct 30, 2009 01:35PM)
Newly available from Leaping Lizards, A two disc DVD set concerning the ins and outs of doing Taror Card readings,
Extremely well executed and presented. Information accumulated over decades of actually working in the trade. Dean Montalbano , enlightens, instructs and entertains you the student, Hshares a spread he created for his own use, The Elemental Star, then shows you how to incorporate it into youe own readings.
If you have never done Tarot readings before, these are all the tools you will need , allowing you to do so. A bonus is included at no charge. a PDF od Deans book. Tarot With Tude", a $20 retail value.

This DVD set is pure bang for your buck. I highly recommend it.

Ronald J Dayton, aka Kotah