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Topic: Golden Shells in need of replating
Message: Posted by: Avocat (Nov 6, 2009 05:11PM)
Howdy all,

Just bought a set of the Scoundels' golden shells. They're everything everyone ever said they were, but for one
small item. The plating's worn off on one shell's front wrinkles. (it's barely visible in my avatar, but it's pretty evident).

The merchant'll take them back, no problem, but I was wondering what the best way would be to re-plate damaged shells. I intend to make a LOT of use of these props, so I expect I'll have to touch them up more than once.

Is electroplating the only option? Would that jewelry touch-up stuff work?

Any assistance or hints would be hugely appreciated.


Jim Kawashima
Message: Posted by: Whit Haydn (Nov 6, 2009 07:44PM)
Our S4S gold-plated shells are guaranteed for life, so you can always return them if the plating is chipped or tarnished in any way.
Message: Posted by: Avocat (Nov 6, 2009 08:10PM)
Well that's incredibly good news, thanks much!
Message: Posted by: Avocat (Dec 4, 2009 04:51PM)
Okay, REALLY hate to resurrect this topic, but...

I got my replacements and they are BEAUTIFUL - problem was a tiny bit of pewter-tarnish showing through, so I rubbed it GENTLY with a cloth and removed the tarnish and the bit of gold around it

It's tiny, and as I mentioned elsewhere, I'm almost exclusively using the Colorado Silver Shells now, but it seems like a waste to replace entire shells for tiny chips that will obviously occur regularly with routine use

Will gold touch-up paint look too ugly against the real plating? Or adhesive-based gold leaf? It just seems to me that small interim fixes should save eveyone some time.

Again, this should be all academic, since I'm mainly using the Silver Shells against a Tiffany-blue velvet pad (and white peas - to match Tiffany trimming & ribbons), but under certain circumstances, the Golden Shells against black velvet look jaw-droppingly opulent, so I do intend to use both.

Thank ya' in advance!

Jim Kawashima