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Topic: Card case
Message: Posted by: MikeTheRed (Jun 14, 2003 12:23PM)
I am looking for a small case to hold a deck of cards that has a belt clip. I saw a magician once that had one hanging from his waist.

Thanks in advance for the help...

Message: Posted by: Ty Argo (Jun 15, 2003 04:50PM)
This is one, which I have and use, is good though the illustration looks very little like the pouch. It is nice for one deck of cards, some business cards and some coins in the side pocket. It doesn't hold too much, but "It'll do ya!"
[outdated link]

This is a similar item, with a little bigger main pocket and two small side pockets. It also features a built-in card in pouch (zippered pocket), but is kinda pricey at $75.

Hope this helped!
Message: Posted by: MikeTheRed (Jun 15, 2003 07:38PM)
Thanks very much for the help. I will get one of those, just need to decide which one...

Message: Posted by: mikejorden (Jun 16, 2003 08:05AM)
I bought something similar (in leather) for $5.00 from a street vendor in Times Square.
It pays to look around. I bought 2 - hang the expense.
Message: Posted by: markkwan (Jun 18, 2003 01:49PM)
Where in Times Square? I work around there and would like to know.