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Topic: Music For Origami illusion - Your opinion please
Message: Posted by: Joao Miranda (Jun 14, 2003 03:28PM)
Hello Folks,

I would like to know what is, in your opinion, the best music to use for the origami...

Message: Posted by: Chance Wolf (Jun 14, 2003 04:22PM)
The choice of music should be made by yourself rather than others opinion. Find something that fits YOU and your style. Dare to be different.
Just make sure that any music you pick comes wrapped up in the "Prop/Performance Rights" by Jim Steinmeyer ;)
Take care,
Chance Wolf
Message: Posted by: Joao Miranda (Jun 14, 2003 04:43PM)
Wolf, that is what everyone says and that doesn“t help too much.
I need help...

Message: Posted by: Chance Wolf (Jun 14, 2003 05:03PM)
I do NOT want to sound like a jerk but maybe there is a reason why everybody gives you this advice. The internet is FULL of music to pick from. If you choose to be an Illusionist and want to be Professional then you must take on all the other difficult obligations such as spending time being innovative regarding Music, Choreography, Image/Costuming and so on. By making your own choices, this will set you apart from the mediocre and bring you closer to success as an INDIVIDUAL.
I spent many MANY hours,days MONTHS creating my Illusion Show, back in the younger days. The research and decision process was actually one of my greatest rewards. Presenting a new show which was, for the most psrt, all my thinking was a great feeling.
Take your time, think for yourself,Bleed a little and gain a lot!
Take care and good luck :)
Message: Posted by: Ray Anderson (Jun 14, 2003 05:23PM)
Hey Joćo,

When I was looking for music for origami, I decided to try something fast paced since everyone else was going the slow dramatic route.
This approach worked surprisingly well.

Hope this helps,

Message: Posted by: Joao Miranda (Jun 14, 2003 05:31PM)
Thanks a lot.

In fact, I really just want OPINIONS and EXAMPLES about a few good musics for origamic.
Fast and slow ones...

Help!! :)

Message: Posted by: wikiro (Jun 14, 2003 11:18PM)
For creepy "Midnight syndicate" has good songs.(no vocals)

For Fast Techno -F Axel- theme to Beverly Hills Cop

Enigma is New Age and differs I like -Return to Innocence-(indian singer in this one)
Message: Posted by: gimmicks (Jun 15, 2003 04:33AM)
Good music for ORIGAMI: "Living in a Box" :bg:
Message: Posted by: Joao Miranda (Jun 15, 2003 05:06AM)
Thanks a lot people!

I will be looking forward to hear such songs!

Anyone else with their opinion?
Message: Posted by: Kevin Ridgeway (Jun 15, 2003 11:59AM)
For our high energy, quick paced presentation of Origami we use a song that we found while touring in Australia. One of the top digeridoo players there put his playing talent to some driving techno music. The outcome is something completely diferent that anything else out there and it really sets the stage for our style. We eidt and remix al our own music in house to also give it the necessary pop when we need it. Plus it allows us to take a known song and twist it so it is still vaguely familiar but is still new to the audience.

Hope some of that helps.

Kevin Ridgeway
Living Illusions
Message: Posted by: Kendrix (Jun 15, 2003 01:48PM)
Gary Ouellet had a "Music for Magicians" CD and lecture notes. It is available from the Camirand Academy of Magic.
I have spent $1,000 of dollars on CD's and even had some songs written for my illusions.
I have songs that have the performance rights paid for and use other songs as well.
I doubt the Pendragons paid the rights to Amadeus when they performed the Pole Levi. in Orlando at the IBM convention and used their music. When an illusion is performed on TV or even here at Disney World it is a different matter. So, in the long run it is better to have all your songs with performance rights granted.
Message: Posted by: Blair Marshall (Jun 15, 2003 08:23PM)
The Cirque de Soleil has some very theatrical music out on CD. Both fast and slow. If you end up not using any, it is still great music to listen to, to stir the creative juices. Rand Woodbury also had 2 CDs' of music that you had the rights to, short and long versions of each song, some with even the suggestions as to which illusion they were for.

Blair Marshall
Message: Posted by: The Cardfather (Jun 29, 2003 08:48PM)
I like Hiroshima's [i]One Wish[/i].

Message: Posted by: magic4u02 (Jun 29, 2003 09:21PM)
People. Not to sound pompous here or anything, but I must get back to what Chance was trying to say.

What good is anyone's music suggestion if you have no idea what the character, style, choreography or theme is that the illusion number is trying to portray on stage?

You can not just pick any music and throw it together with any illusion and call it successful.

As I think Chance was pointing out, was that you really need to spend the time and effort researching and discovering what is truly right for [b]you[/b]. Only you can determine what your character is doing on stage and what you want that illusion number to say to the audience.

Only when you know this information can you really begin to find music that not only goes along with the illusion but becomes a part of the illusion.

Perhaps if you tell us a bit more about what you plan to do with the illusion on stage, we could help you our better. What is your motivation, what is your character on stage to be like during the number? What is your style for the piece? Any information will help us better get an idea and feel for what you may be trying to do.