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Topic: Is a noindex tag possible? (was: the long arm of Google)
Message: Posted by: Allan-F (Apr 1, 2002 01:50PM)
The following is from a posting in "A tangled web we weave..." about the appearance of our postings and profiles in web searches like Google. Even for those who use handles rather than their real names, it appears that their email and web addresses are still searchable because of their profiles:

Can anyone from the staff advise as to whether it is considered appropriate to pad our email and web addresses in our profiles? I would like Cafe members to be able to view these things, but do not want someone getting here by searching on them. I'm thinking of something like:


A better solution would be to configure the software to put a no-index tag on the top of all the cafe pages, to prevent them from being searchable in the first place.
Is this possible? Practical? Desirable?
Message: Posted by: Dennis Michael (Apr 4, 2002 09:47AM)
Meta tags can stop robots from searching as well as allowing them to search.


However, I think showing up on search engines is good for many of those who use the Magic Cafe. I noticed my name popped up several times related to the posts I placed. This is good.

Generally speaking, we are all entertainers and as such our idenity is usually open.

As for hiding email, that is another issue. Some BBS encryript it to prevent spammers from getting it. Don't know if that is done here.
Message: Posted by: Mary B. (Apr 4, 2002 08:55PM)
Allen, your question raises some possibly complicated issues. It would be quite an easy thing to put META tags into the header of all the "pages", but that would eliminate the entire Cafe from search engines. I'm not entirely certain that that would be desirable.

Padding your email address would interfere with some of the functions of the board, so that's not really a good option either.

I will look into finding a solution, so that Cafe members can see your email address, but spammers cannot.

Mary B.
Message: Posted by: Allan-F (Apr 5, 2002 10:03AM)
On 2002-04-04 21:55, Mary B. wrote:
that would eliminate the entire Cafe from search engines. I'm not entirely certain that that would be desirable.
How about putting the META tag on [i]just[/i] the profile pages, but not the rest of the board? That way, our discussions will get indexed--and those who wish not to be searchable can use a handle, as many are already doing--while our email addresses and home page URLs will remain confidential, but still accessible on the Cafe itself. Those who [i]want[/i] their email and web addresses to be indexed can put them in their .sig and they will be indexed with every message they post.

This seems to me to be the perfect compromise. What say you?
Message: Posted by: Mary B. (Apr 6, 2002 03:03AM)
I would do that, if they were just html files. All the pages of the board are dynamically generated from several different files. They all have the same header file that contains the META tags for every page. Whatever is done to the META information for one page is done for all the pages.

I think it's a good idea to "hide" the profile pages from search engines, and I'll do my best to find a way to do that.

Message: Posted by: Mary B. (Apr 28, 2002 08:52PM)
I couldn't find a way to hide the profile page from search engines without hiding the rest of the Cafe as well. Instead, I (with Gene's help) edited some of the code to keep your email address away from the spam bots. You can click on my picture to see how it works. Anyone who wants to email you will have to edit the address manually.