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Topic: Bottle Thru Table
Message: Posted by: Rob (Jun 14, 2003 05:44PM)
I really want to learn a handling for performing the Bottle Thru Table with a wine bottle and while standing up. I have the Neilsen gimmicks but does anyone know of any routines in print or on video?

Message: Posted by: mikejorden (Jun 15, 2003 07:53AM)
Tony Clark has a "Bottle through Table" video standing up, as well as a "Bottle through Body" video.
Message: Posted by: m@t (Jun 15, 2003 08:04AM)
For a great performance of Bottle Thru just watch '50 Greatest Magic Tricks' when they next repeat it on TV. Fay Presto does a great performance on it.

Message: Posted by: wassabi_87 (Jun 15, 2003 11:56AM)
Does anyone know of a place to buy the gimmick, along with a book?
Message: Posted by: Pete Biro (Jun 16, 2003 01:21AM)
http://www.nnmagic.com tell Norm I sent you.

Message: Posted by: Harvey Nerzof (Jun 4, 2004 09:16AM)
HN Review 96: Bottle Thru Table Ė Norm Nielsen / Tony Clark


Just imagine wrapping a piece of paper around any size brown, green or clear bottle and magically penetrate it through a solid table!
The audience actually sees the top of the bottle sticking out of the paper as it is going through the table. You will receive 3 quality gimmicks manufactured by Norm Nielsen Magic with instructions by Johnny Thompson as well as Tony Clark's instructions which allow you to perform it standing up! Anytime, anywhere! A very powerful effect.


A note of warning: make sure that the version you purchase includes the video! They are often sold separately (Nielsen manufactured the gimmicks, while Clark produced the video a few years later).

The gimmicks are exactly what you think they are, and come in 3 different colors (for water, wine and beer bottles). The video is very short but provides a clean misdirection, along the Slydiniís line of thought.

In real-life performances, a jacket would be advisable to obtain/get rid of the gimmick.

OVERALL RATING: acceptable

Message: Posted by: Chris Thibault (Jun 4, 2004 10:22AM)
I learned it from the Tony Clark video. Great routine. He also shows the bottle through table on there as well.
Message: Posted by: paulajayne (Jun 5, 2004 06:19PM)

Toppit is best for gimmick, though a bottle production first and then use that bottle means you only have to carry one gimmick.

Message: Posted by: qenny (Oct 7, 2004 11:13PM)
I think I have just learned why I don't use the gimmicks much. When I bought them, which must have been ten years ago, I was only able to buy the gimmicks. There was no mention of a video. Sounds like I'll have to get the credit card out and go hunting.

On the rare occasions when I do press the gimmicks into service, I stick to beer bottles. I can't see me getting away with a wine bottle.

BTW, m@t, I completely agree - Fay Presto does it very well!
Message: Posted by: ScottRSullivan (Nov 29, 2004 02:37PM)
Interesting story. Years ago, I was working at a Renn Faire and heard a guy tell me a story of friend who did magic. Said the guy was weird. Didn't do 'card tricks.' In fact, didn't do much at all, but he did remember one magical moment.

He said he remembered the friend taking someone's beer bottle, placing it on the table and it visibly melted through the table, leaving only a ring of condensation on the tabletop. Needless to say, I thought, either he remembered the effect (classic salt shaker effect) wrong or was making up the whole thing (or was intoxicated that night).

Later I found out about the NN bottles. I picked them up (no video or book, just a little flyer). I think not having a video was the best thing for me. It made me figure out a way on my own to make it look as magical as possible, including the visible melting and the ring of condensation on the table.

I would rate this as one of the top five tricks ever. I always have the props, but hardly ever do it. I feel out of every trick this one deserves that "special moment" more than any other. You build it up, wait until an hour before the end of the night and then do it for a few dozen people. The rest of the night they're raving about it to the rest of the crowd (and host).

Warm regards,

Message: Posted by: ssucahyo (Jan 25, 2005 09:42AM)
Tony Clark bottle thru body is very good. You can do the penetration with body or table. The cd instructional is clear. Rec.
Message: Posted by: Frozen Toast (Jul 27, 2005 03:25AM)
Saw Fay Presto do this last week in a London Restaurant - She does it standing up, truly amazing !! Just had a look on the Nielson site as recommended above but the video demonstation on the site is aweful - so obvious how its done it kinda spoils it. Should scrap the vid from the site or get Fay to do it !!
Message: Posted by: Pete Biro (Jul 27, 2005 07:10PM)
I don't the the video demo is AWFUL... it could be better, but it shows all you need to know that you have a great effect.
Message: Posted by: HatTrix (Aug 1, 2005 11:03PM)
I believe Paul Green has a good bottle through table routine. I use to do it but the handling was a little tricky to pick up for me usually people can figure it out.

I forgot to mention it that if you like doing tricks like bottle through table. I would recommend Jay Sankeys coin through table trick in his revolutionary coin magic DVD.
Message: Posted by: Whit Haydn (Aug 1, 2005 11:46PM)
Tony Clark does have a great routine. Also Johnny Thompson has a coin in bottle thru table routine in "Polished Polish Prestidigitation" that is outstanding.
Message: Posted by: PaulGreen (Aug 2, 2005 12:27AM)

To set the record straight, I don't have a bottle thru table in my performing repertoire.


Paul (Tony Clark & Johnny Thompson do) Green
Message: Posted by: TheAmbitiousCard (Aug 2, 2005 01:01AM)
Where is the tony clark routine published?
Message: Posted by: Joe Stone (Aug 7, 2005 09:43AM)
On 2005-07-27 04:25, Frozen Toast wrote:

Saw Fay Presto do this last week in a London Restaurant - She does it standing up, truly amazing !!

This is on her website if anyone is interested (along with a couple of other tricks in the demo video) http://www.faypresto.com
Message: Posted by: juliusmagic (Jun 4, 2012 07:43PM)
And she uses no gimmicks.
Message: Posted by: MichaelDouglas (Jun 5, 2012 09:11PM)
Etienne Pradier teaches the bottle through table on his DVD set:
I have it but haven't focused on learning that one.
Message: Posted by: ringmaster (Jun 8, 2012 12:47PM)
Message: Posted by: ringmaster (Jun 17, 2012 12:24PM)
Without going into detail, are the Nealson props rubber or solid ?
Message: Posted by: nonvpro (Jun 17, 2012 02:00PM)
Solid Plastic.
Message: Posted by: ringmaster (Jun 17, 2012 02:17PM)
Message: Posted by: bertietonks (Jun 19, 2012 04:08PM)
I'be been performing bottle thru table for years now and although I have the Nealson necessaries I have never used them. Having seen that clip of Fay on this thread posted by the ringmaster: http://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=player_embedded&v=GmQ-Zgu4Zj4

I now ask myself why the hell not? The spec can feel the bottle right until the final moment and this is super brilliant. Time to get fishing in my cabinet and bring these suckers out I think.
Message: Posted by: nonvpro (Jun 24, 2012 09:32PM)
Does the version Etieene Pradier teaches on his Disc #1 utilize the Norm Neilsen "bottle" gimmicks?
Message: Posted by: puggo (Jun 25, 2012 02:31AM)
On 2012-06-24 22:32, nonvpro wrote:
Does the version Etieene Pradier teaches on his Disc #1 utilize the Norm Neilsen "bottle" gimmicks?

Yes. It is an excellent set of discs.
Message: Posted by: nonvpro (Jun 25, 2012 07:51AM)

Thanks for the reply.
Message: Posted by: Bill Hegbli (Jun 29, 2012 08:27AM)
On 2012-06-04 20:43, juliusmagic wrote:
And she uses no gimmicks.

What makes you say that?

Although the video was shot on low light, the neck of the bottle seemed to be exposed throughout the presentation.
Message: Posted by: jugglestruck (Jun 30, 2012 02:05PM)
Initially thought she didn't use a gimmick but I think you are right Bill.
Message: Posted by: Camano (Apr 21, 2021 06:27PM)
Does the Johnny Thompson version of Bottle Thru Table now being sold by Tannens come with video directions? If so, is the instruction well done? I canít count the number of gimmicks I have nearly unused because a demo video makes the effect look easy but there is some, often simple, trick to performing that isnít evident from the instruction and requires more practice than I currently have time for.