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Topic: Looking for a Milk Can Escape
Message: Posted by: The Donster (Jun 15, 2003 02:44AM)
Does anyone know any magic companies that manufacture/sell a Milk Can Escape?

Message: Posted by: James Peters (Jun 15, 2003 01:17PM)

I don't know that any companies still make the milk-can. You've got a couple of options....

1. Get the plans and pay someone to make it.

2. Post a wanted message in http://www.themagiccafe.com/forums/viewforum.php?forum=79&15

3. Try http://www.magicauction.com

4. Get an up to date version, such as the Oil Barrel escape from Cannons

Good luck!

Message: Posted by: Spellbinder (Jul 14, 2003 11:45PM)
Few people in the audience even know what a milk can is anymore. That's the main problem. You need to use something that is more familiar to a modern day audience like an oil drum. You could also play on latent fears of claustrophobia and being trapped by escaping from a chained refrigerator, but that eliminates the water. The water is important because most people know just how long they can hold their breath under water and you want them all holding their breath during the escape.
Message: Posted by: David Todd (Jul 15, 2003 11:57AM)
Yeah, the problem with the milk can is exactly the fact that it is an antique item. The only way it can be played is as "a tribute to Houdini" sort of thing, a nostalgia piece.

I believe that Owen Magic Supreme still offers one for sale if you're interested.


The Owen design looks really cool. I'm sure you could call it something else, other than a "milk can" . It looks very industrial, so it could be a...

Message: Posted by: KingStardog (Jul 15, 2003 03:38PM)

Try this one, but don't blame me. I ordered some shims a couple weeks ago and never saw them yet. Seems like they could have made it through the regular mail in about four days, but it's been 20 days so far...
Message: Posted by: The Donster (Jul 15, 2003 04:46PM)
Kingstardog, I heard a rumor that Escapology1 is bellying up. Keep an eye on your time and if you don't get your stuff I'll register a complaint with the U.S. postal service but it varies on how you sent it.

Message: Posted by: Harry Murphy (Jul 16, 2003 06:40AM)

You are looking for a Milk Can escape. Frankly the Oil Drum version that was mentioned above plays just as well and is much more contemporary. The idea of calling a milk can something else industrial is brilliant (paint a biohazard sign on it and give it a menacing look, talk about an emotional hook!).

Personally Iíd go with the drum look (and still paint the biohazard warning on it).

I suspect that you already know, but I feel obligated to repeat, that this is not a one-person routine.

Also remember that even a small Milk Can escape illusion weighs a great deal when full of water and some platforms canít hold the weight. Not to mention, you have to play a venue that can provide you with water (or you have to figure out how to bring your own). Finally, you have to be able to quickly drain (the beast and where are you draining it to?) Some venues will require that you drain into a sink and you will need a pump to help gravity do its thing.

Finally, transporting the thing requires good packing and attention. One dent and youíre in trouble (a dent will lock it closed and an escape may be impossible!). This is not a "Pack Flat" illusion/escape.

Honestly, 100-feet of rope escaped from in full view is much more dramatic (and easier to transport) than the Milk Can escape. That's the reason I dropped it from my act. I was getting more reaction from a rope or a chain escape than I was getting from the Milk Can. I must admit it may have been my presentation skills (or lack thereof) that caused the Can to fall flat.

Just some thoughts and I hope they help.

Check out the 55- or 85-gallon drum escape listed above. It looks great.
Message: Posted by: The Donster (Jul 16, 2003 08:18AM)
Harry, I'll look into it. I think I'll like the 85-gallon can better. Might be more room to move in.

Message: Posted by: rch129 (Aug 25, 2003 06:44PM)
Does anyone have any experiance with the Milk Can? Just getting into and out of it takes quite a bit of effort...
Message: Posted by: The Donster (Aug 25, 2003 07:48PM)
I believe Harry Murphy does. You might want to ask him just to be sure.

Message: Posted by: Kevin Ridgeway (Aug 25, 2003 09:26PM)
If you decide to go with the Milk Can or 55-gallon drum escape...email me and I will help you with a great little water heater. Very cheap to build and heats the water rather quickly. We have been using the one I built on Kristen's Water Torture Cell. Let me know if I can be of help to you.

Living Illusions
Message: Posted by: The Donster (Aug 25, 2003 09:40PM)
I'll like the 85 gal drum but on Cannons site it says "Temporarily Unavailable". Not sure what it exactly means or maybe they'll go up when they get a new batch in.

Message: Posted by: James Peters (Aug 26, 2003 08:29AM)

Best thing is to email Mark and Sheila (magicduo@cannonsgreatescapes.net). They are normally very quick to reply.

Message: Posted by: KingStardog (Aug 26, 2003 09:46AM)
Pass on the escapology1 stuff. It was a ripp. They have no intention on shipping anything that you pay for online.

Cheap lesson.
Message: Posted by: The Donster (Aug 26, 2003 12:54PM)
James, I think Cannons might be temporarily out of stock and are awaiting a new shipment. As for Escapology1, why doesn't someone report them for fraud, especially if they are accepting money through the mail? Then I beleive it might be considered mail fraud. Avoid buying from Escapology1 and give Cannons a try. People have had better luck with Cannons than Escapology1.

Message: Posted by: KingStardog (Aug 26, 2003 03:53PM)
Cannons has been great for me so far. The underground has been just as good or a little better. Discount handcuffs is great as well. PXDirect was pretty good too. All are top notch retailers of quality products. I wouldn't think twice about shopping with any of them.