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Topic: Funny story, Bobo's Modern Coin magic
Message: Posted by: Strange Tasting Fish Sticks (Nov 22, 2009 02:25AM)
Hey guys, haven't posted here in awhile but Just wanted to say I'm still practicing the classic palm regularly and practicing my coin magic. Working on the stone production and "I want you" david stone in his second volume.

I remember when I got Bobo's Modern Coin Magic for my birthday from my parents. I was so anxious to see the tricks in the book. It really made me have an appreciation for magic. Because of how hard the material was! I was being introduced to the world of coin magic and for some reason I thought it would be easier. I'm really a visual person, I have a hard time understanding things but once I see them its a lot easier. I'll admit I like DVD's over books but I think books have so much more value.

I checked out the back of the book when I bought it, misers dream. Wow. Multiple back palm production? Multiple downs palm production? It blowed my mind how people would do this. When I saw the Pen and teller show and saw Pen produce coin after coin from his bare hands (cents I think) and then finale it with a goldfish production that was the icing on the cake. I told him after the show how good his misers dream was...that takes a lot of dedication.

I guess my point is, coin magic can be hard or easy. Like anything in life it takes practice. In coin magic I don't think you see results immediately like cards, it takes time, and it seems more frusterating at times, but if you work at it long enough it will reward you. I remember distinctly practicing the four coin roll down last year using an easier method (which was a lot less accurate), then I decided to buckle down and learn the roth method, which was a lot harder but also a lot more consistent. I learned it from the Dan Watkins website. I noticed something...it seemed to improve, but gradually.

For example, at first I couldn't do it at all. Then I could do the first step, then gradually the second, and third, etc. After I could do the whole flourish, I could do it 1 time out of 100. Then 1 out of 10, then everytime. A lot of people I don't think flourishes are nessescary, but I feel proud I put a lot of effort into it and accomplished something. I think it looks nice, and goes a long well with the coin roll. At first I thought I was doing it wrong because I couldn't do it, but then I found out I was doing it right it just required more practice. Tricks seem to correct themselves with enough practice :)

So the point of this post is, don't give up! My classic palm isn't great yet and some say it still looks like I'm squeezing oranges but I'm not giving up on it anytime soon!
Message: Posted by: HerbLarry (Nov 22, 2009 10:51AM)
I've learned with coins time(hours of practice)is your friend and gravity isn't. Takes time to beat gravity down because it had such a head start.
Message: Posted by: mmreed (Nov 23, 2009 11:02PM)
Keep practicing - I would also add some fun self working magic to your routine to keep you from getting frustrated why practicing. Youre on the right track! I recall when you posted you were giving up magic out of frustration... good to see you stuck with it and didn't give up.