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Topic: Peter Duffie?
Message: Posted by: WazMeister (Nov 28, 2009 08:02PM)
My friend brought round a CD containing some real bad quality footage of some scottish man.

He explained a lot of card tricks and the cd was called Move Mastery.....

Peter Duffie, the man who created the CD must have the best handling I have ever seen with cards.
I was taken back watching it, some of the moves are just pure perfect..

Think Peter Duffie just fused me with more passion and motivation to pratice more and more and from his cd.

His totally awesome, never heard his name mentioned here though.
Message: Posted by: spycrapper (Nov 29, 2009 11:55AM)
Then you should play around the workers forum.. He's one of the best card man on the planet.. He has written so many books (and e-books) if you're interested, just go to his website peterduffie.com
I only own his Effortless Card Magic and Duffie's Card Compulsion, and I love them!