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Topic: Radical Fish Juggling Clubs
Message: Posted by: owen.daniel (Jun 17, 2003 01:56PM)
I am planning on buying a set of clubs and I hear that these are brilliant. The main reason is because of the available colour range, I am planning on getting the ying yang design in black (the ones which are mainly black with white tape).
I am just not sure whether they are good enough to be chosen just for their colour scheme.
Do any of you have any experience with Radical Fish clubs?
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Message: Posted by: philipi56 (Jun 17, 2003 02:35PM)
I don't have any experience with them, but search http://www.jugglingdb.com for them and you will probably find some reviews of them. I personally do not like them as much as the Henry's Pirouettes which are comparable and have more classic decoration.

Message: Posted by: James Peters (Jun 17, 2003 03:55PM)

I wouldn't advise you to buy a set of clubs for the colour scheme. Buy something you're comfortable with, then re-decorate them how you want them!

If you end up with clubs that you don't like the feel of, you'll either never use them, or fumble them when you do!

Hope this helps ....

Message: Posted by: Jewls (Jul 11, 2003 09:40PM)
I am sure they have corrected the problem by now but at one point the doughnut ring in the middle was cracking up as it takes all of the pressure in the drop. I too juggle Henry's I like the long handles, I have both Pirouettes and Circus models, I have 7, they are the same weight and balance, these are my show clubs, I also own a set of Dube European's (THE OLD HEAVY ONES FOR WINDY DAYS) and Todd Smith Thumpers (FOR TEAM PASSING) Juggling.org look for juggling clubs and festivals near you, it's a great way to see a lot of equipment. Come to my club's festival, Oct 10 & 11, 2003!
Message: Posted by: philipi56 (Jul 12, 2003 12:14PM)
Is that the festival in Forte Wayne, Indiana? I plan on going to it.

Message: Posted by: Jewls (Jul 12, 2003 07:21PM)
No Phillip, it's in Midland, MI. Seems no matter where we move our date, we are sharing it with another festival these days.
Message: Posted by: Arkadia (Jul 28, 2003 03:10PM)
I juggle Radical Fish, though I find them a bit too light. I wouldn't buy black clubs though, you can't see them after dusk. The fish are a great club for fast and furious juggling. I love my clubs and I love the look. I have no problem with the ring in the middle.

Message: Posted by: joculari (Aug 7, 2003 07:58PM)
I always thought Radical Fish were meant for numbers. I started off with Todd Smith Euros since you get the most for the least bit of money. Try Higgins Bros. Clubs, they're cheap and good quality.