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Topic: Robert-Houdin Picture
Message: Posted by: veegates (Dec 6, 2009 07:38AM)
I am hoping someone might locate a line drawing of Robert-Houdin presenting his acrobat. I have a read a few books on Robert-Houdin and I remember seeing a drawing of him next to the acrobat who is smoking his pipe. It might have been a program advertising his show. Any help would be greatly appreciated!!
Thanks to all!
Message: Posted by: SJMiller (Dec 6, 2009 09:36PM)
A picture of a playbill showing Robert-Houdin next to his trapeze performer is on page 147 of Mlbourne Christopher's Illustrated History of Magic.
Message: Posted by: veegates (Dec 7, 2009 11:03AM)
Thank you for the lead. I checked it out, but it is not the one with the acrobat smoking a pipe. I am thinking about modifying the acrobat that I built to have the ability to smoke. I wanted to find the line drawing to see what the figure looked like with a pipe in his mouth. I built a Dancing Harlequin a while back and these figures do not have the ability to hold the pipe in their hands so this requires a hole in the mouth to place the pipe. I know that smoking is not PC these days, but I think it would make him more interesting. I am going to shoot a proper video showing my acrobat performing a complete routine with a Magician doing the presentation.
Thank you!!