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Topic: Freak Out! is finally live
Message: Posted by: FreakThemOut (Dec 18, 2009 07:30PM)
Hey everyone. Freak Out! is finally live on the app store. Check out the video at http://www.freakthemout.com Your victims will squeal!!!

I'd love to get your comments!
Message: Posted by: theboywonder (Dec 19, 2009 10:38PM)
I love it! Very unique ideas and presentation! Thanks for this one! Merry Christmas!
Message: Posted by: FreakThemOut (Dec 20, 2009 07:24AM)
Thanks theboywonder, I'm glad you like it! I see you are from Scarborough. I lived in Mississauga for many years.
Message: Posted by: amedica (Dec 21, 2009 09:27AM)
The app is not running correctly for me
Message: Posted by: FreakThemOut (Dec 21, 2009 11:43AM)
Feel free to email me if you are having trouble with anything. admin@freakthemout.com I'm happy to help you. It's very simple. Did you get a look at the instruction videos?