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Topic: CPR Change by Lloyd Barnes
Message: Posted by: fingerjack (Dec 21, 2009 08:29AM)
Video tutorials, especially for card moves and flourishes, seem to be quite popular these days. While YouTube provides us with thousands of theses ‘tutorials’ for free, finding one of any actual worth can be like finding a strand of invisible thread on the floor of a barber shop. I think tutorials that are offered at an affordable price are a much better idea for al of us in the scheme of things: it allows creators to make a small profit on their ideas, and keeps secrets and methods out of the hands of lurkers. It also provides a bit of pressure to put out something ‘a little more’ than the everyday crap uploaded by 12 year old kids in the underwear who learned the snap change.

The CPR change by Lloyd of Wales, is his second tutorial offerings is available at http://www.disturbreality.com for 3.50 Euro (about six US dollars). The CPR change by is much more than a color change; it can be used several different ways (most interestingly, as a control) although most will revel in the idea of performing what appears to be a clip shift change without the knacky mechanics of Chad Nelson’s signature move.

The mechanics the CPR change are indeed different than the Clip Shift, and Lloyd states in the tutorial that his inspiration for CPR stemmed from the move. I, like many others probably did, came across something similar to the CPR change when trying to figure out the Clip Shift before I learned the actual method (which I still can't do well). Make no mistake though, although the CPR change differs from the Clip Shift and is perhaps an easier move to acquire, it will still take a good deal of practice as well as a certain knack to make it appear as smoothly as Lloyd does in his handlings.

To tell you what CPR stands for would be to reveal the method, but a little bit of thinking should make it apparent. Lloyd does a very nice job in explaining the mechanics of the move as well as some clever applications. The teaching is clear and concise, despite lack of multiple angles or the cutting edge teaching methods available on some high end tutorials today. I cannot comment on the originality of the move, but suffice to say I have not come across it before as Lloyd performs it, and he gives appropriate credits where due.

The tutorial runs about fifteen minutes, and although the quality of the teaching explains the move and applications very clearly, the video production itself leaves a little to be desired. If you want good looking tutorials, go to Dan and Dave or Theory 11, if you want flashy and over produced tutorials, go to HANDLORDZ.com, but if you want to gain a clever and practical move without all of the glitz (which is what it is all really about in the end anyhow; the passing on and sharing of knowledge), this fits the bill nicely. The tutorial is free of fancy editing, flashes, zips and zooms and all that other cheese - just a man, his cards, and an great idea.

Lloyd appears to be a clever and sincere performer who has an obvious love for card magic. I would say to PM me with any questions, but Lloyd has made himself readily available to anyone that has problems or questions about the move. The CPR change, for less than six dollars, is in my opinion a steal, and should be a welcome addition to your arsenal. Nice work Lloyd. More info can be found at http://www.disturbreality.com/Disturb%20Reality/Pages/CPR.html
Message: Posted by: Lloyd Barnes (Jan 14, 2010 05:10AM)
Thanks for the thorough and honest review,