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Topic: Hard Hats and Rulers
Message: Posted by: Tim Taylor (Jun 19, 2003 09:29PM)
I had read somewhere that there are a lot of effects or stunts you can do with wooden folding rulers. Does anyone know the source? Or have any ideas?

They have also started to make us wear hardhats on the job. Is anyone creative enough to come up with something you can do with this monstrosity?

Tim :cool:
Message: Posted by: Joshua Quinn (Jun 20, 2003 03:19AM)
Coins through hard hat
Zombie-style floating hard hat under tarp
Card to spec's hard hat
Hard hats (as opposed to cups) and balls, with room for some huge final loads
Three hard hat (as opposed to shell) game

...and there has to be some application for Neil Tobin's Xpert, but it's eluding me just now...

Message: Posted by: 0pus (Jun 20, 2003 03:22PM)

You have to wear a hard hat when you perform magic?

You must be doing some DANGEROUS tricks.

Message: Posted by: Eric Rose (Jun 20, 2003 07:57PM)
A lot of guys who wear hardhats personalize them with stickers, names, etc. Perhaps you could make a sticker change via magnetic sheet. Plus, what a great place to house an ITR!

I may have to start wearing a hardhat myself.

I almost forgot the wooden folding rulers. Drill a couple holes and make a match through paddle trick out of it. I've seen a lot of folks do alphabet stunts "look, here's a W". I also seem to remember a write-up - maybe MUM from 15+ years ago where the ruler was folded into a 7 and a diamond to reveal a card....
Message: Posted by: nostromo (Jun 22, 2003 09:41PM)
Take a two section ruler, paint it black with white or silver tips and there's a wand?
Sharpen one end of a ruler and do a card stab effect?
Use the folded ruler to drape a foulard to do a zombie or put a fake hand on one end and do seance comedy effects?
Get a metal squared-circle and paint it white with ruled lines?

Get 'brain floss' for your hard hat and permanently mount it in?
Have a small hole covered with a bit of white tape or putty, pretend to get hit with something, and have gray modelling clay ooze out?
Stash a bunch of foam rocks between the helmet and your head and pull an amazing quantity of them out, slowly and one at a time?
Get fake ears and some vampire blood and see how many guys you can get to make the big yawn?
Rig the guts from a super soaker into your hardhat- but have it squirt from the side?
Message: Posted by: Tim Taylor (Jun 23, 2003 08:54PM)
The supersoaker and the ITR are for sure.
Is there a special gimmick for brain floss?
There has got to be something we can do with X-pert. What?
Thanks everyone! :cool:
Message: Posted by: nostromo (Jul 5, 2003 10:31AM)
Brain floss is a five dollar gimmick-I got mine from Harry Allen at Daytona Magic.

What's an "X-pert"?

And since you opted for some gags as well as magic effects, thereby declaring yourself a kindred spirit (I also post on 'practical joker' sites)

An after thought that gots nuttin' ta do with the helmet but would probably work better at a (mostly completed) construction site than where I usually do this: Make up some stickers that read "fourth floor button broken, push second floor button twice" and put 'em in elevators.

Another sticker that produces effects that are a joy to behold is placed on a wall some what above eye level so you have to work to read it. You put 'em above urinals or in the porta-potties. It reads "Security camera is for research purposes only".

Message: Posted by: Tate (Oct 27, 2003 10:38AM)
Tim, you're probably thinking of "A Measure of Fun" by Daren Dundee. It's a small booklet that contains a story that you illustrate by folding a ruler into different shapes. I don't know where I got it and I don't know where you can find it.

I can't tell you how it plays because I've never done it. It doesn't read all that great, but if you perform it and ham it up it's probably pretty good. And it gives you a springboard to create your own story.

Dundee used to have a spot in the old "Laughmakers" magazine called Nincomprops. You could try writing him. Here's an address I found online. Daren Dundee, 21175 Carson, Clinton Twp., MI 48036