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Topic: Opening Flash Appearance
Message: Posted by: Darkwing (Jun 20, 2003 01:05AM)
I am not very experienced with illusions, however this is what I want to accomplish; I want to open with a bare stage and then have assistants roll in a simple frame showing clear through. I want to be able to show the frame on all sides. Then at the proper cue, several strobe lights give a one shot flash of light and then I am standing in the frame. I would like to do the effect with no doors, screens etc. if possible. Any good suggestions?
Message: Posted by: mnmagic (Jun 20, 2003 01:24AM)
I don't have a ton of experience in large illusions either but your conditions of an empty stage might make things tough. There would be a couple of options I am thinking of.

Since you are asking for the use of strobes I am assuming the stage and theatre would be very dark therefore black art seems to be your best bet.

I have more specific ideas but am not sure what I can post. PM me if you want.

Message: Posted by: M-Illusion (Jun 20, 2003 08:30AM)
I would suggest taking a look into Darwin's Inexpensive Illusions. Although it doesn't describe the exact illusion you're looking to achieve, it will give you the insight necessary to accomplish it. Good luck!
Message: Posted by: LeeAlex2002 (Jun 20, 2003 09:09AM)
Rand Woodburys "Illusionworks " describes sveral methods for the effect required. One is called " Flutter Flame" another "Flash Appearance". Both use similar principles, but are totally different. Both frames can be shown on both sides at the beginning.

The designs are very modern, and are ot difficult to construct or have constructed, if you have experience with materials to use, and building methods.