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Topic: Pinnacle: A review
Message: Posted by: Andy H (Jun 21, 2003 12:24PM)

£12.50 or $20

Most of the time I will buy a trick because of either a video demo, seeing the trick in person, or hearing how good it was from someone else. Sadly most of the time when I receive it I am disappointed, the amazing thing about Pinnacle was that I never got this feeling.

Throughout the DVD explanation I was sitting there thinking “My god, that really is clever but yet makes sense.” I say “makes sense” because there are no strange moves or sudden actions that look awkward, the positions and sleights are exactly what they look like in the demo.

The quality is incredible for the price, it is very well shot, occasionally the screen splits to help with a certain move, which I found very handy. His voice is clear and comprehensible, he does not have a strong accent (Strange for a 100% Polak?) and his speech accompanies the explanation perfectly.

You get two rubber bands in the package, they are ordinary bands but are VERY elastic, they stretch from 9cm to 40cm. You also get a cool business card type holder which has the band in a triangle.

I am new to rubber band magic and found this a real delight, when you watch the demo it is like real magic, but what is really impressive is that when you perform it, it is still like real magic. It is easy to pick up and understand but the difficult part is putting it all together smoothly, with correct timing. Once I get it down I will be showing this to everyone, it really is that much fun.

The only downside about this trick I found is Miracle Finish, it looks nice but sadly unworkable from my point of view.
Quality: 10/10
Packaging: 10/10
Trick Effect: 10/10 (The ring is borrowed!)
Value: Good, cheap for a DVD!
Overall: Amazing trick, it is as real as you can get, it borrows someone’s ring, it is the most visual magic I own, too good to be true.

Basically stop fishing for secrets because even if you know how it is done it still retains maximum impact, a guaranteed gem which you can take and perform ANYWHERE.

:dance: Andy
Message: Posted by: Donny Orbit (Jun 21, 2003 02:44PM)
I only have one question Andy. Without divulging the secret to Miracle Finish, why would you say it is unworkable. Is it because the sleight of hand is so involved, or you think it won't fly by your spectators, or perhaps some other reason?

Message: Posted by: vinsmagic (Jun 21, 2003 03:00PM)
I agree it is excellent and the miracle finish is the only down side .
I just posted it in rings and things,ANDY has a winner in this effect.
Message: Posted by: manix (Jun 21, 2003 04:17PM)
Hmmm, any chance of a booklet? I'm going to be without access to a DVD player for a while! :cry:
Message: Posted by: Iain Moran (Jun 21, 2003 04:32PM)
I don't have Pinacle (yet), but I would imagine that this kind of routine would be very difficult to describe (and learn) in a booklet.

Though, having a booklet as well as a DVD would be nice.
Message: Posted by: elushinz (Jun 21, 2003 04:58PM)
Just recieved mine, no rubberbands in the package... wonder why???

Oh well,

Message: Posted by: lewis (Jun 21, 2003 05:04PM)
Should be 2 inside the DVD box

Message: Posted by: Niedzwiecki (Jun 28, 2003 05:00AM)
It's off to the IBM Convention this weekend. I sure hope I get to meet some of you there, as I will be taking part at the dealer's tables.

Be reminded, too, that I have prepared myself for orders to be taken on the fly at the show in Kansas City. I will be shipping directly from the convention to you if you feel the urge.

The response has been overwhelming! I cannot wait to meet with those face to face and gauge the reactions to Just Passin' Thru, Pinnacle and also Switch*a*roo. I will be setting up remotes in a few jackets so not only can I demonstrate the switch, but others can try it out, too.

I appreciate everyone's support to date. It has been a fabulous kickoff, and I believe especially that the new items, Just Passin' Thru and Pinnacle are going to be the buzz for some time. At least, I hope so!!!
Message: Posted by: Jason K. (Jun 28, 2003 01:20PM)
What happens during the miracle finish?
Message: Posted by: MJ Marrs (Jun 28, 2003 06:58PM)
I just received Pinnacle and Just Passin' Thru. I watched the performance sections of both DVD's (I didn't want to watch the explanation sections just yet). I was very pleased with both routines. I guess lightning does strike twice! Good work Mr. N!! :)

The miracle finish is the encore phase of the routine (even without it you have a cool and very visual routine). With the miracle finish you take the borrowed ring that you just caused to link and unlink and then seemingly, right in front of the spectator, just hang it right on the band. Take it off, and hang it on AGAIN! Wow!! Looks like trick photography.
Message: Posted by: Skinny Man (Jun 29, 2003 02:58AM)
What would have enhanced the DVD in my opinion is more camera work from the performer's POV. Trying to match your movements with a mirror image can be a little tricky...

Anyway, two days later and I think I have phases 1 & 2, moving onto phase 3.

Great effect!
Message: Posted by: MagicMan1957 (Jul 12, 2003 12:40AM)
OK. Great trick here. The DVD looks great and the performance of PINNACLE is awesome. The rubberbands included are excellent bands, very elastic. Has anyone tried this with anything but a wedding BAND type ring? I have with a larger high school / college type ring and it seems a lot harder. Does anybody else have this experience?
Message: Posted by: Andy H (Jul 12, 2003 04:04AM)
I it tried with a signet ring, it had a mini lions head and it was MUCH harder, stay away! :smoke:
Message: Posted by: Niedzwiecki (Jul 12, 2003 08:27AM)
Magic Man, Andy-

I have performed Pinnacle using many different types of rings. However, as mentioned in the DVD, it's best to find the person in the group with the larger ring, AND one that won't impede your performance. If you practice and do not have one, it would be good to get a plain ring similar to a man's wedding ring. Practicing with this one gives you the latitude down the road to perform with other rings, and knowing which ones to be seeking.
Message: Posted by: japanjazzy (Jul 13, 2003 06:51PM)
I have the DVD and really enjoyed it. I have to go with the crowd and say I don't believe I will use the finishing part. I also felt a little mislead by the last part of the DVD when it had other tricks. I was thinking there would be an additional trick or two discribed and not just references. Overall I would highly recommend it.