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Topic: Dice controlling
Message: Posted by: The Game (Jan 7, 2010 07:22AM)
I am an amateur at dice manipulation. Is there a technique that controls the number that will show up using a single regular dice? (for example, I can throw a 4 whenever I want?)
Message: Posted by: Pete Biro (Jan 7, 2010 09:51AM)
Magnetic setup under table and special die. You may try a loaded die?
Message: Posted by: TheAmbitiousCard (Jan 10, 2010 02:18PM)
You can PM me about a whip cup. I can tell you how they work and how to acquire one. I have a youtube clip available demonstrating one. You cannot get the exact number that you want but... well, you just have to see to get the idea. it's a little known but very effective gambling routine/demo.
Message: Posted by: mike gallo (Jan 10, 2010 11:15PM)
See Marlo shoots the works!

Message: Posted by: Pete Biro (Jan 10, 2010 11:28PM)
Good suggestion, Mike... Also didn't Fechter have some good work with a dice cup?
Message: Posted by: RevJohn (Jan 11, 2010 12:11AM)
I second Marlo's work. Might not be exactly what you are looking for, but worth having in the dice worker's library.

Eddie Fetcher's, "Dice Holdout Methods for Magicians," by Jerry Mektzer, 1974.

Message: Posted by: mike gallo (Jan 11, 2010 04:27PM)
On 2010-01-11 00:28, Pete Biro wrote:
Good suggestion, Mike... Also didn't Fechter have some good work with a dice cup?

Pete, Fechter was the man when it came to hold-outs with dice...his book taught you everything you ever needed to know. Unfortunately it's not to easy to find.

Message: Posted by: Gary Kosnitzky (Jan 20, 2010 09:33AM)
"I am an amateur at dice manipulation. Is there a technique that controls the number that will show up using a single regular dice? (for example, I can throw a 4 whenever I want?)"

As far as I know except for scooting the die, which would require a distraction from being detected, there is no technique not using anything gaffed that will allow you to control 1 fair die 100% of the time without a chance of detection.
Message: Posted by: RevJohn (Jan 20, 2010 10:16AM)
You could go opposite of this... like No Chance dice... that every number comes up BUT the one you want.
Message: Posted by: Lawrence O (Jan 22, 2010 03:58AM)
On 2010-01-07 08:22, The Game wrote:
I am an amateur at dice manipulation. Is there a technique that controls the number that will show up using a single regular dice? (for example, I can throw a 4 whenever I want?)

There is quite a bit to explore: here is an incomplete (it's never complete) biblio/videograhy

You will notice that there are several takes on dice staking and two in the hand one in the pocket, Chink A Chink, in hand paddle move with one or two dice, chop cup and naturally (but not that much) actual cheating at dice

S.S. Adams: Seven-Eleven Dice (Marketed Trick) Two dice are regular... the other two will roll 7 or 11 only!

Alan Don: In A Class By Himself The Legacy of Don Alan 2000 by Jon Racherbaumer, L & L Publishing. p 159 Sneakily Stacked in Your Favor: Dice stacking routine, uses one gimmicked die and cup cover (Video clips from un-named video); p 166 How to Stack Dice: short lesson

Albert, Les: Howard Baltus Presents More with Les - The Magic of Les Albert DVD; Die-Duction - Les Albert - Tarbell 7: This is the first trick that Les had published. It's perfect mentalism that works well with any gaming or gambling routine involving dice and cards.

Alpha Magic: Telepath Cellular Conjury DVD Telepath is a complete and focused magic system that allows you to make revelations through a cell phone seemingly without having to touch it. Combined with our diabolical routines, you'll have a modern electronic miracle in your hands. Almost any cell phone that is capable of storing images or comes with a built-in camera can be used. The versatility of this product allows for the revelation and / or display of anything you can think of, be it a picture, a symbol, a name or a number...even an object like a coin or a pair of dice.

Anderson, George: Magic Digest - Fun Magic for Everyone ©1972 Digest Books, Inc p 43 Paradise Dice Routine: based on Dr. Zack's dice routine, using the paddle move

Andrews, Carl: Magic from Maui ©2003 Carl Andrews. Published by The Cairn Press, Norwich, U.K.; p 72 Pair O' Dice: Carl's version of Dr. Sach's dice routine & No Jacket Required Carl Andrews DVD: Pair o' dice: The 'move' will take some practice, but it is well worth the time and effort. A great strolling effect, all you need is a regular pair of dice; Gregory Wilson says this is the most fun you can have with a "pair of dice" outside of Las Vegas.

Annemann, Theodore: 202 Methods of Forcing ©1933 by Max Holden, NY; p 29 Dice Force for One of Eight; p 115 Dice Addition Force; p 120 2 to 12 Force with Dice; p 125 Dice Box Force; p 132 Gimmicked Dice Force; p 136 Dice cup Force; p 156 Triple Dice Force

Astor: The Astor Lecture Live at FFFF 2008 DVD; Virtual Dice

Baker, Al: Al Baker's Second Book ©1935 e-Book from: http://www.thelearnedpig.com.pa p 11 Come Seven!: only magician can get all sides of two dice to add to seven & Al Baker's Magical Ways and Means ©1941, Publ. by Carl W. Jones p 76 Cooperative Conjuring (Card appears at number selected by dice) & The Secret Ways of Al Baker ©2003, The Miracle Factory, Edited by Todd Karr p 692 Cards and Dice Trick; p 709 Dice Trick

Baker, Roy: Baker's Capers ©1983 Supreme Magic Co p 9 The What's It's Name Dice Trick

Beaumont, Harold: Routined Manipulations part 1 ©1950 by Lewis Ganson p 107: Harold Beaumont’s Dice Routine: A clever four effect dice routine demonstrates magician's control of the dots. Uses two die and the familiar paddle move

Behnke, Leo: Impromptu Magic from the Magic Castle

Bernard, Bobby: Bernard's Lesson On Dice Stacking. Ganson's Magic Teach-In Series ©1979 by The Supreme Magic Co. Ltd; 27 pages, 35 photos & Bobby Bernard Vol 1 VHS, Videonics. Dice Stacking

Bertram, Ross: Legendary Magic Ross Bertram #2 DVD; dice switches and rarely seen cheating moves

Bird, Malcolm and Alan Dart: The Magic Handbook ©1992 Malcom Bird and Alan Dart; Pavilion Books Limited and Chronicle Books p 20 Dice Deduction: Dice numbers are determined mathematically; p 81 Chapter 11 Party Magic

Blackstone, Harry: Blackstone's Tricks Anyone Can Do ©1983 by Walter Gibson p 189 Add The Dice

Bloom, Gaetan: Tales From The Planet Of Bloom No.2 DVD The Plate Trick: A spectator shuffles a deck of cards, selects one and signs it. A second spectator shuffles some paper plates with numbers on them. A box of dice is also shaken. The plates are tossed into the audience. The dice read 2 and 6. The plate with 26 written on it is torn to show the signed selection imbedded within the paper.

Bobo, Jean Baptiste: The New Modern Coin Magic ©1952 Carl W. Jones p 127 Die to Dime (Kirk Stiles): One hand change of die to dime, ring, or other object; p 346 No. 14 (Milton Kort): Dice Cup; p 453 The Stack of Nickels and Die: A comedy routine using a stooge and a "stack of nickels" and a die & Greater Magic Video Library Vol 23 DVD in the Part III-Bobo’s Close Up: Bobo with Dice (includes his revolutionary color-changing dice routine)

Bogunia, Sean: Cupwow (marketed item). Self stacking dice cup.

Bourgoin, Stephane: Dice Chop Cup (marketed item). A chop cup routine is provided where dice keep appearing and disappearing from under a dice cup. The routine ends when the cup is lifted up only to find a roll of $20 bills...and finally your own watch. It comes with a gambling themed routine that really makes sense.

Burgoon, Tom: Snake Eyes is always ready to go and easy to do. It will get the attention of everyone in the room. This is a fun quicky that starts out with a pair of dice and always ends up with a big laugh. The women will scream and the men will jump back. What more to expect from a gag. This is a perfect comedy effect for walk around or table to table magic.

Carré, David. Pabular p.365 Production of four dice and their use for a chink a chink.

Collins, Ted: Wax Fax book. Includes a Dice or Sugar Lump Move

Colombini, Aldo: The Close-Up Magic Of Aldo Colombini includes the first version of Never say Die with three cards which Aldo with Richard Vollmer will develop with Aldo for five cards An Ace, two and three of hearts are placed on the table with dice of corresponding numbers on top of them. When the dice are moved around the cards change and lead to two different kicker endings including a Royal Flush & Snake Eyes; “Dice and cards” can offer nice combinations. Impossible effects can be produced when they team up. In this book we learn some of the best routines in the field using nothing but regular dice and (except for one routine) an ordinary deck of cards (it doesn't even need to be complete) & Card & Dice Deceptions Vol One & Two DVD these effects are perfect for introducing dice during a card trick in preparation for a dice routine.

Conn, Doug: Tricks Of My Trade: The Magic of Doug Conn ©1999 Paul Cummins; p 6 Taking it Dice and Easy: a trio of effects using spectator rolled dice, and cards.

Crandall, Senator Clarke: How to Stack Dice for Fun and Profit Magic Limited 17 pages. Senator Clarke Crandall's work on Dice Stacking & Todd Strong Dice Stacking DVD; Michael Maxwell performs and explains Senator Clarke Crandall's Dice Stacking Routine. Hilarious, magical and entertaining, this one-of-a-kind routine is perfect as a unique magical showpiece.

Dacri, Steve: Magic Of Steve Dacri - No Filler Vol 2 DVD; Dice routine is a chink-a-chink style dice assembly with a difference. Four dice magically travel between the performer’s hands with the last die “the Houdini die” escaping from a small metal box before joining the others.& World's Greatest Magic by the World's Greatest Magicians Magic With Dice DVD Dice routine

Daryl [Martinez, aka Easton]: & Fooler Doolers #1 DVD: Dai Vernon's Climax to a Dice Routine & Fooler Doolers #2 DVD Dicey Dots & World's Greatest Magic by the World's Greatest Magicians Magic With Dice DVD Chink A Chink with Dice and Saks’ dice routine & New Millennium World Tour Lecture 1999; p 10 Dicey Dots: The spots are removed from a Die with the use of a "spot remover" stick. A paddle routine with a die and a specially marked paddle/stick.

Del Ray: Live (Performance Only) DVD; At home on the stage, close-up or any venue, Del Ray was an expert card worker and simply dazzling with dice. Also an innovator of note - his numerous mechanical creations and the application of electronics to the art were years ahead of their time.

De Vries, Cees: Apocalypse Vol 4 No 9 Sept 1981 by Harry Lorayne p. 533: (D)ice Breakers: puzzle diversions using dice.

Diamond, Paul: Paul Diamond's Gambling Expose: "The Real Work" ©1988, published by Paul Diamond p 4 Gambling With Dice; p 5 Straight Dice; p 5 Crooked Dice; p 7 Simple Methods for Detecting Crooked Dice; p 8 Dice-Related Equipment; p 9 Dice Novelties; p 10 The Juice Joint

Dill, Dean: 3-D Trilogy DVD Vol 2 includes Chink A Chink and DO or 'Dice'

Draun, Steve: Draun on Dice (DVD) - teaches four of the best dice routines developed by master magicians: Ed Marlo Dice Transposition If you can finger palm a die, you can perform this effect overnight! In this routine, dice magically move from hand to hand, one at a time as presented by Ed Marlo in his publication Shoot the Works. Dai Vernon Climax for Dice Routine From the Dai Vernon Book of Magic. Dice change size throughout this routine. The BIG finish will definitely catch your audience by surprise! Dr. Sack Spotted Sorcery As originally presented in The Phoenix Magazine, the spots on the dice move around from top to bottom, side-to-side without ever moving from the performer's fingertips! Mohammed Bey The Malini-Bey Chink-a-Chink Mohammed Bey, a.k.a. Leo Horowitz, published this very clever dice routine in Stars of Magic

Dusheck, Steve: Dusheck's Close-Up Magic Dusheck Magic Series No. 5 ©1994 James M. Klein, American Magic Company p 68 Dice-O-Matic: A large die turns into many miniature ones; p 109 Dice Force: Several ideas on using a dice force

Einhorn, Nicholas: The Practical Encyclopedia of Magic p 174 Dice Divination: using a little known fact about dice

El Duco: Die Cupo (Marketed Trick) Same possibilities than a chop cup but without magnet & Apocalypse Vol 4 No 8 Aug 1981 by Harry Lorayne p. 526 Slow Motion Penetration: a die is placed on the table, a card leaned over it. A glass is placed under the table and the card pushed down. The die penetrates the table and goes into the glass & Simple Ideas. Includes dice

Elliott, Bruce: Doctor Sack’s Amazing Dice Trick (and in Phoenix) & Classic Secrets of Magic ©1953, Harper & Row Publishers, Galahad Books p 32 Chapter 4: The Very Peripatetic Paddle: The paddle move with knives, matchsticks, business cards and dice & Doctor Sack’s Amazing Dice Trick VHS by James Lewis

Fetcher, Eddie: Dice Holdout Methods for Magicians ©1974 by Jerry Mentzer

Fitsch, Bob: Topit Workshop Vol 2 DVD includes a die vanish

Forte, Steve: Gambling Protection Series 3 DVD Set: The Vol 4 includes Crooked Dice:
Flats, Bevels, Edge Work, Tops, Weight, Magnetic Dice, Protection Tips; Switches: Thumb Switch, Palm Switch, Money Switch, Coat Switch, Single Die Switch, Protection Tips; Controlled Shots: Whip Shot, Helicopter Shot, Pad Roll, Spin Shot, Protection Tips; Cups & Backgammon Moves Slick Cup, Butterfly Cup, Single Die Holdout 1-4, Two Dice Holdout, Dump Shot, Liar's Dice Backgammon, Protection Tips & Gambling Protection Series book: the Bible on cheating at cards and dice.

Fry, Charlie: Eccentricks Vol 1 matrix with four cards and four dice moving in the proper numerical order. Then to stack dice without a table “use your head”. Great.

Fulves, Karl: Self-Working Table Magic; 97 Foolproof Tricks with Everyday Objects ©1981 Karl Fulves, Published by Dover; p 26 Dice Dexterity & Self-Working Number Magic: 101 Foolproof Tricks ©1983 Karl Fulves, Published by Dover Publications p 44 Dollars and Dice & Ellis Stanyon's Best Card Tricks ©1999 Karl Fulves, Published by Dover Publications p 5 Discovering the Chosen Card by a Throw of the Dice & My Best Self-Working Card Tricks ©2001 Karl Fulves, Published by Dover Publications p 119 Cast of Cards; p 120 Poker with Dice; p 121 Triple Find; p 123 The Lost Die; p 125 The Odds Against

Funovits, Angela & Superhands: Xtreme BeginnerZ Vol.2 DVD hosted by Angela Funovits from the NBC show entitled "Phenomenon", the DVD includes Basic Dice Stacking and De'vo underground XCM/Dice hybrid work. De'vo teaches his incredible moves, ideas, and combos. De'vo stacks dice with cards. Impossible? He proves it’s not. For the ones of us who are card workers looking for something different to add to their act. Learn with incredible detail several different ways to stack dice with cards to include advanced ideas and combos that will destroy your audiences. You haven't seen anything like this before.

Galloway, Andy: Andy Galloway a dice routine derived from Ramsay’s routine with coins to hat, and finishing with chink a chink.

Ganson, Lewis: Routined Manipulations part 1 ©1950 p 107: Harold Beaumont’s Dice Routine: A clever four effect dice routine demonstrates magician's control of the dots. Uses two die and the familiar paddle move & Routined Manipulations part 2 ©1951 p 70 : Dr Geimer’s Dice Routine. A routine based on Harold Beaumont’s routine & Routined Manipulation Finale ©1954 D.Robbins & Co., Inc. p 67 Section Four: Magic with Dice & The Art of Close Up Magic Volume 1 ©1996 L&L Publishing p 15 Working Surface: table surface, dice stacking; p 121 Unfair Shake (Horace Bennett): A two in the hand and one the pocket type routine with dice and a dice cup, centered on a gambling story theme. The magician relates the story of an ex-gambling magician who used to switch in his own loaded dice. The "loaded" die ends up changing color and size, and by the end the gambler quits and takes a drink, that is produced from under the dice cup! Needs a padded cup to prevent talking and a variety of dice, but none gimmicked p 333 Four Dice Chink-A-Chink (Bob Farrell): Dice and the dice pips transport one by one to the same corner & Magic of the Mind ©1960 by Harry Stanley p 25 Novelty Dice Prediction (Tom Sellers)

Garcia, Frank: Marked Cards and Loaded Dice ©1962 later released as How to Detect Crooked Gambling (1977)

Gardner, Martin: Mathematics, Magic & Mystery & Martin Gardner Presents. Includes dice

Geimer, Dr Alexander: Routined Manipulations part 2 ©1951 by Lewis Ganson p 70 : Dr Geimer’s Dice Routine. The "move" explained, and four effects offered. Inspired by Harold Beaumont's routine

Gerry [aka Gerhard Scharnboeck]: Extreme Dice Stacking DVD. 1997 German performer. Some Of The Most Creative Dice Stacking Routines Ever Invented, Taught By A World-Champion Stacker. What makes this DVD stand out are the many routines and ideas that bring dice stacking into another dimension. You'll learn routines with sugar cubes, playing cards, envelopes, toothpaste caps, pocket sized routines, multiple cup routines, mid-air routines and a stage routine using a trash can.

Gertner, Paul: The New York Magic Symposium Close Up Stage Collection Two ©1983 by Richard Kaufman, & NY Magic Symposium; p 16 Penetrating Dice Stack: dice stacking with a magical effect. During stacking, the dice penetrate up through the cup one at a time. For the last die, the penetration reverses itself, and the three dice on top end up underneath & Paul Gertner's Steel and Silver ©1994, Published by Kaufman and Greenberg p 121 UpStacking--Dice stacking routine, dice stacked in familiar manner a few times, dice begin to penetrate upward through bottom of cup one at a time, eventually three dice on top of cup vanish and reappear inside cup; p 167 Triple Die-lemma--Routine with dice which climaxes with progressively larger dice being produced (final load is four inches square), based on Roy Benson Bowl Routine and includes "Two-in-the-hand, One-in-the-pocket" phase & Steel and Silver DVD The Vernon routine but with a new finale with a heap of small dice appearing under the cup. Triple Die-lemma

Gibson, Walter: The Bunko Book 1946. Includes dice

Giorgio, Tony: The Ultimate Work 2 DVD Set; A visual treatise on handmucking, or the arcane art of the hold-out man, photographed with state of the art High-Definition video cameras. TONY GIORGIO the man who appears in this set of two DVDs, reveals the authentic sleight of hand employed by .hold-out men.. TONY GIORGIO spent more than 20 years in the demimonde of card and dice hustlers. During those years, he met and broke bread with literally hundreds of handmuckers, machine men, bust-out men, steers, front-men, spot finders, two-dealers, cellar-dealers, spreaders, cold-deckers, run-up men, check coppers, paper-players, painters, scratch players, slick sleeve and bean shooter players from Portland, Maine south to Miami Beach, Florida, west to California and north to Alaska.

Govan, Barry: Apocalypse Vol 5 No 5 May 1982 by Harry Lorayne p 629 Las Vegas Dice: a one cup routine with a cup and dice & Close-Up Cavalcade Finale ©1977 Jerry Mentzer p 121 Cup and Ball Trio: a one cup and balls routine using a dice cup (ungimmicked)

Gravatt, Glenn: Thayer Quality Magic Vol. 2 & Thayer Quality Magic Vol. 4 & More Collected Writings of Glenn Gravatt (Magic Ltd.) includes dice

Harris, Paul: Las Vegas Close-Up ©1978, Published by Chuck Martinez Productions p 64 "The Hard Way": Magician shows how a thin film of saliva will cause two dice to cling together, dice then shown to be permanently glued together. A nice swindle for the dice stacking.

Hassini, Tony: Easy To Learn Magic DVD Series Vol 1-10 includes a section on dice tricks

Hatton, Henry & Adrian Plate: Magician's Tricks ©1910 1st edition, The Century Co., New York p 242 The Adhesive Dice

Hay, Henry: Amateur Magician's Handbook ©1950 p 315 5e. Wild West: throw knots in a rope equal to numbers thrown on bottom of dice; p 317 6. Knocking the Spots Off: paddle dice trick & Cyclopedia of Magic ©1949 Henry Hay, David McKay Co; p 234 Gambling Methods: longer article on cheating with cards and dice

Hilford, Docc: Bride Of Monster Mentalism Vol 3 DVD; Tridiction - When David was thrown out of a Tahoe casino, he vowed revenge. A Satanic pact gives him a weird power, enabling him to predict the outcome of dice, poker and 21! Now they would pay, but what would be the price to David's soul? Warning: This technique is described for entertainment purposes only & Desert Brainstorm No.3 DVD: The Devil's Dice

Hilliard, John: The Lost Notebooks of John Northern Hilliard ©2001 Genii Corporation p 50 Dice & Card; p 261 The #31 Game with Dice

Hoffmann, Professor: Modern Magic ©1876 1st edition, Routledge; 1st US edition, 1882, Routledge p. 116 A Card having been Drawn and Returned, and the Pack shuffled, to place on the Table six Rows of six Cards each, and to discover the chosen Card by a throw of the Dice; 268 To Change, invisibly, the Numbers shown on either Face of a Pair of Dice; p 269 To Name, without seeing them, the Points of a Pair of Dice & Later Magic ©1904 Dutton & Co p 514 The Changing Dice & Latest Magic ©1918 Spon & Chamberlain, New York p 26 The Detective Die; p 32 Dissolving Dice (in Novel Applications of the "Black Art" Principle: Black Art Mats and Black Art Patches)

Horowitz Samuel Leo [aka Mohammed Bey]: Stars Of Magic Series 3 N°3 by George Starke. Samuel Leo Horowitz's Malini-Bey Chink a Chink: The routine leads into an unusual finish wherein the performer shows that cubes placed in his pocket somehow find their way back into his hand.

HR: HR Everyday Objects, DVD; Predict the rolls of a set of dice

HT Magic: Dice Illusion Marketed Effect. The magician takes out a strange die with no color on the pips and a mirror, and hands out both for examination. Upon placing the strange die on the mirror, spectators clearly see that the image inside the mirror is a common die but with properly colored pips. Thanks to a magic cause, the position of the two dice gets reversed. The die now becomes in reality a common die and the one inside the mirror becomes the strange one. What's more impossible is that the magician finally pulls out the virtual die from the mirror and now the spectator can now clearly see both dice in the real world. Props include a normal die, specially gimmicked die, small mirror, and instructions.

Hua Hin Dice (Marketed Trick): A beautiful collector's quality and hand finished mahogany and sycamor wooden box and two black dice are shown. Both of the dice are then placed inside the box which is then closed and given to the spectator to shake. The spectator is now asked to open the box and add up the total of the numbers showing. The dice are shaken two more times, by the spectator, and each time the total showing is added to the previous total. The performer, who at no time sees any of the totals on the dice, is able to reveal the final total arrived at. The performer then offers to repeat the effect by adding one more dice, making it even more impossible, but still is able to predict the total of the dice after they are shaken several times. This is an effect that you can repeat over and over again and it gets even more puzzling with each repetition for the total is always different, the dice are regular and everything can be examined.

Hugard, Jean: Encyclopedia of Card Tricks ©1937 Max Holden; in the Chapter XIII Magic With A Svengali Pack Of Cards p 252 The Cards and the Dice

Hunter, Rudy: Over the Falls Notes: Lecture notes from 1999. Includes two in hand - one in pocket with gambling dice

Jay, Ricky: Dice - Deception, Fate & Rotten Luck. 2003, Quantuck Lane Press

Joker Magic: Production Deck (Marketed Utility); The magician takes a deck of cards out of the case, shuffles and cuts the deck and a die magically appears right between the cards. It is a good idea to make a duplicate die disappear before producing it from the deck (possibly with a chop cup). With Aldo Colombini’s tricks combining cards and dice, this is a good transition effect involving a die.

Jon, Doc: In the Life with Doc Jon DVD. Rare accounts on cheating with dice.

Joseph, Eddie: Eddie Joseph On... Cups & Balls Edited by Gordon Miller ©1984 Abbott Magic Co. p 31 Poker Dice & Shakers

Joseph, George: Cheating At Backgammon DVD; On this DVD George Joseph who is a leading authority on cheating techniques and game security discusses, demonstrates and explains the many methods that are regularly used to cheat at Backgammon. You will learn methods of controlling dice throws and about gaffed devices and strategies. Subjects covered include: Dump Shot, peek, killed die, Hold Out Dump Shot, Slick Shot, tops, Juice Joint, gaffing fair cups, Butterfly Cup, dice switching, palming, Doubling Cube Hustle and much more. & Cheating At Craps DVD; Cheating subjects covered on this DVD include: Dice switching techniques, hand offs, past posting, chip stealing, chip cup, fair dice control, mispotted dice, scoot shot, loaded dice, pivot test, shaved dice, six-eight flat, tops, magnetic dice, portable juice joint, and much more.

Judah, Stewart: Gambling tricks with dice by Nick Trost. Uses three loaded dice (one ending showing an ace, one rolling a deuce and one rolling a six) and a dice up. The effect is interesting and straightforward. It works with concealing a die and producing a 7 with two visible ones and then an ace and deuce : a “craps”. The handling could be improved using a shuttle pass and a Palm Over Change. There are also further possibilities to improve on it by concealing two dice.

Kaufman, Richard: Collected Almanac book includes dice effects & New Magic of Japan
©1988 Kaufman and Company p 65 Dice Assembly (Toyohisa Saikawa)

Keops, Fernando: Pure Magic Vol 3 DVD Chink a Chink with Dice

Kennedy John: Haunted Die Marketed item; Six cards are removed from any deck, and a spectator freely selects one. You shuffle them and lay them down in a row. Perhaps you're wondering why I'm using only six cards, you say. Reach into your pocket and bring out a small cloth bag, explaining that the reason lies inside this small bag where you keep the Haunted Die. Dump a black die with white spots into a glass and continue: “Please concentrate on your card and watch the die.” While everyone is watching, the die slowly turns over by itself revealing a different number. It looks eerie! The spectator turns over the card at that number, and sure enough it is his card. Haunted Die includes the black die, cloth bag, and special gimmick that makes the die turn over by itself. Use your own glass.

King, Bob: Classic Stand Up Close Up includes dice

Klause, Roger: Greater Magic Video Library Vol. 13 Our Best #1 DVD; featuring: Roger Klause’s Dice Vanish.

Kort, Milton: Kort is Now in Session ©1962, Ireland Magic Co p 57 Exhibit Twelve -Dice / Dice / Dice: combines ball move from John Scarne, coin effect of Dai Vernon, and Chink-A-Chink from William Larsen into a lengthy dice routine. Uses 5 red dice (about 5/8"), a similarly sized green die, and a double sized die & The New Modern Coin Magic ©1952 Jean Baptiste Bobo, Carl W. Jones p 346 No. 14 (Milton Kort): Dice Cup & Kort the magic of Milt Kort by Stephen Minch. A treasure trove of tricks which can be used for dice effects

LaGerould, Terry: Die-Lirious DVD; This dice routine was a feature in Terry's act while he was at Cesar's Tahoe. It is his take on the Sacks’ routine using one inch dice. These are large dice, larger than casino dice. It contains the most unique climax ever for the Sack's routine. Included are seven unique die changes called Die-Ametricks that can be used with the routine or separately

Lancaster, Lou: Tricks of the Trade Commercial Close-up Magic ©1984 Lou Lancaster p 39 Dice Stacking: This is a short lesson on dice stacking, with detailed instructions on the basic moves. The routine ends with the revelation of a jumbo die under the cup & Gambler's Secrets Exposed. IMS Volume 19. Includes dice stacking and switching.

Lasher, Micah: The Magic of Micah Lasher More than Fifty Tricks That Will Amaze and Delight Everyone Including You ©1996 Micah Lasher: Published by Simon & Schuster p 160 No Dice: The opposite sides of a die change values

Lawrence O’: Underground; what about using the “rattle box” principle with a cup and keeping the dice palmed. The rattling device must be possibly blocked (by a magnetic dice?) & progressive dice to Dice cup using Ramsay’s principle (if rattle box one behind) or Chop Cup. Using the chop cup as hold out of a loaded die (for Stewart Judah’s routine for example

Leeming, Joseph: Magic For Everybody

Le Fong, Karl: The Devil's Playthings ©1969 by Roy Walton; p 16 The Karl le Fong Trick: dice trick

Leveridge, Mark: Master Routines by Mark Leveridge DVD; Wild Dice is a table top routine which combines elements of the Cups and Balls with the Walnut Shell And Pea Game, but using matchbox drawers and dice. It culminates with the production of six extra dice with no loading or palming!& World's Greatest Magic by the World's Greatest Magicians Magic With Dice DVD: Wild Dice.

Lewis, Eric: Personal Magic Vol. 1 ©2000 MagiKraft Studios, CA; p 215 Dice Dice Dice by Milton Kort

Lewis, Martin: Martin's Miracles by Eric C. Lewis ©1985 Magical Publications, Pasadena, CA p 133 Dice Propagation: A routine using three dice and a dice cup where the dice vanish, appear, shrink, change color, expand and finally multiply to fill the table with dice & Martin's Close-up Miracles, DVD; Dice Propagation on video

Lewis, Trevor: Close Up Lecture Notes. 24 pages, paper. Covers 18 effects including Cup and Dice & ESOLC (That's Close Up) by Phil Willmarth, (editor) ©1981 Lewis and Willmarth, Published by Standridge Magic; p 47 The Perfect Match! Two dice are shaken in a large matchbox. End total is predicted; p 73 Blow Die: Die is "blown" up; p 79 The Sharpshooter: a hole is shot in a die at the selected number; p 89 Die and Domino Divination: Dominoes used to match a die selection (commercial Die Divination trick)

Lorayne, Harry: Apocalypse Vol 2 No 4 April 1979 p 185 Double Surface: a single die has 3 sides the same

Lovell, Simon: Son of Simon Says. 2000, L&L Publishing p 143 Coins, Dice and Grandfather’s Beer! & Billion Dollar Bunko © 2003 L & L Publishing p 325 Cheating With Dice: Switching Dice; p 332 Freddy's Fakes; p 340 Controlled Rolls; p 345 Controlled Rolls From The Cup; p 351 Freddy Puts It All Together; p 355 Crown And Anchor; p 359 More Unfair Odds

Lyons, P. Howard: Ibidem Volume 3 & AZIZ & Beyond (Flip Side) ©2002 by Jeanette Louise Lyons p 720 Diceptions (Ravelli of Switzerland); p 700 Specialty Dice for Research; p 720 Double Diception; p 721 Two Dice Procedure; p 721 Diception Coincidence; p 722 Diception Transpo; p 722 Diception Force; p 723 Predicted Double Diception; p 723 Brown Diception; p 723 Brown Diception Variation; p 723 Predicted Brown Diception Variation; p 724 Predicted 2 Cards Diception; p 724 Diception Myth; p 724 3 Spectators Procedure (2 Dice); p 724 3 Cards Diception; p 725 4 Cards Diception; p 725 3 Spectators Procedure (3 Dice); p 725 Expanded Double Diception

Magicana: How Gamblers Win or The Secrets of Advantage Playing A Book on cheating including some dice moves

Manuel, Brad: Dice Stacking Chop Cup (Marketed Item): These custom made leather bound polycarbonate cups are not only perfect dice stacking cups but they are also chop cups that look like a "normal" stationary item... Brad designed these with the chop cup feature he uses himself in his demonstrations. We drop a die inside the cup, turn it over on our hand, give it a shake, and they hear the dice inside the cup, yet we lift it up and the die is gone. Perform your normal routines with the bonus of the "audible" illusion inside the cup. It's perfect. The set comes with the cup, 5 transparent casino dice, 1 "chopped" casino die, and instructions. & Stack To The Max - Impossible Dice Stacking DVD; On this DVD, Brad Manuel teaches his handling of dice stacking from the basics to advanced techniques, including his groundbreaking 20 and 25 high stacks. Brad also shares and walks you through one of his favorite audience-involving routines where an adult attempts dice stacking with very funny and unsuccessful results, followed by a child being successful (with little help from Brad). A very strong entertainment experience, especially for a family audience, and one you can adapt to any audience. The DVD includes live performances of Brad's routine.

Marlo, Edward: Shoot the Works Magic Inc. 48 pages. Dice manipulation, including: Dice Stacking, Dice Transposition, Dice and Hat routine, Holdout, They're Loaded, 3 Dice and a Coin, Dice control on hard and soft surfaces, detection, switching, gambling demonstration routine, lecture outline, suggested program, expose, explanation of gambling terms

Marshall, Jay: The Greater Magic Video Library Vol 32 - Our Best Vol.3 includes Jay Marshall’s Dice Stacking and Johnny Thompson’s Chink A Chink.

Martyn, Topper: Topper's Mad, Mad, Magic ©1974 Gene Anderson Magic, Inc, Chicago. p 9 The Conjurer Lays an Egg or How to Drop Things Without Really Trying: objects are dropped through the entire show including dice; p 39 Hodge Podge includes a dice gag

Maxwell, Michael: Incredible Magic At The Bar Vol 3 DVD includes dice stacking

McClintock, Reed & Dobson, Steve: Ivory Connection DVD; the only version of the Sacks dice routine that begins with magic, looks like magic, and ends with magic. Two dice appear out of nowhere. Their spots dance across their faces, jumping from die to die until the only thing the audience is sure of is that they’ve seen all sides of each die. Each separate die…and then...they reach their final destination, just south of reality.

Mendoza, John: My Best Vol 1 DVD: In an amazing display of skill, the performer manages to stack four dice with an inverted cup. From there, however, things get even more magical as the dice visibly shrink, huge dice appear and finally, a drink is produced from underneath the dice cup & Routined Close-Up. International Video Magic Series Vol. 1 DVD. Dice Stacking (in slow motion with a clear glass) & World's Greatest Magic by the World's Greatest Magicians Magic With Dice DVD Same dice Stacking Routine as in My Best.

Mentzer, Jerry: Another Close Up Cavalcade ©1975 Jerry Mentzer, p 53 Technicolour Dice (Barry Govan): A red and green die transpose several times, change to the same color, and then a large die is produced; with the help of two dice cups (cups are not gimmicked). A two cups and balls routine with dice; p 58 Dice Interlude (Barry Govan & Ian Baxter): Two die change color, multiply, and change in size & Eddie Fetcher's, "Dice Holdout Methods for Magicians," ©1974 by Jerry Mentzer

Miller, Anthony & Clergue, Sebastian: Channel One Issue #9 reviews James Lewis' Dr. Sacks' Amazing Dice Trick

Miller, Charlie: M.U.M. Two in the hand one in the pocket

Miller, Hugh: The Secrets of Gambling ©1970 Harry Stanley's Unique Magic Studio, London; p 87 Dice: loads, caps, shaved dice, beveled dice, mis-spotted dice, magnets; p 92 Detecting Fake Dice; p 95 Crooked Dice Handling: 3 controls, blanket roll, switching

Miller, Jule L: Three Dozen Tricks with the Dock Haley Svengali Deck Complete with Spiritual Applications ©1986 p 23 14. Sympathy: Card found at the Dice Roll (You can't lose with Jesus)

Minch, Stephen: The New York Magic Symposium Collection Five ©1986 by Symposium Productions and Adam J. Fleischer; p 24 Dr Sawa’s Crash Dice: a die is squashed between two plastic sheets, leaving only a squashed image of the die.

Mullica, Tom: Lecture Booklet Hawaii '83 ©1983 by the author and Tom-Foolery, Inc. of Atlanta, Georgia; p 4 Dice Stacking & Eccentrick Vol 1 by Charlie Fry. Vanishing dice at the end of a dice stacking routing, simply by swinging the cup over at the end of the collecting move. Pause and slowly lift up the cup (mouth up against the palm).

Musson, Clettis: Minute Magic ©1953 Ireland Magic Co p 9 The Startling Cubes: Sugar cubes made to look like dice turn into them

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Paul, Johnny: The Greater Magic Video Library Volume 36 - Our Best Vol.3 DVD; Dice stacking.

Paul, Marc: Marc Paul's Lecture Notes '98, includes: a Guide to Dice Stacking & The Marc Paul Lecture Video, includes Marc's introduction to the art of dice stacking

Petrie - Lewis: The P&L Book by John Booth and John Henry Grossmann book concerning the Petrie – Lewis Manufacturing Co: this beautiful encyclopedia includes a section on dice.

Ponsin, Jean Nicholas: Ponsin On Conjuring

Racherbaumer, Jon: Arcade Dreams, Marlo Without Cards ©1997 Racherbaumer and Kaufman, Pub. p 111 A Brief History of Dice Stacking: a brief history; p 112 Primal Dice Stacking: the basics, and an outline of Tony Platt's routine; p 145 Dice Assembly: Four dice in a matrix assemble under a hat

Regal, David: David Regal in Genii Vol 60 N°9 July 1997 page 32 with one die

Rezvani M. K.: Three little balls by Frank Garcia: Ball placed in the thumb crotch sinking in the fist with the feint by Sam Leo Horowitz.

Robbins, Apollo & Shoot Ogawa: Cultural Xchange Vol 2 DVD

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Schleussner, Dennis: Dice Stacking DVD

Sellers, Tom: Magic of the Mind by Lewis Ganon ©1960 by Harry Stanley p 25 Novelty Dice Prediction

Sheets, Bob: It’s the Rules DVD Impromptu dice routine. With only two dice, we explain how the spots always add up to seven on both sides. As we explain what can and can't be done, the spots begin changing between our fingers. This is highly visual magic performed with two ordinary dice. Carry it in your pocket and be ready to entertain anytime, anywhere. Bob added a killer climax where he counts through the numbers of the dice by simply turning his hand up and down. Bob Sheets’ effect could probably gain in freedom and casualness by rolling the dice on to the table.

Sisti, Jim (editor): The Magic Menu The International Journal for Professional Restaurant and Bar Magicians Years Six through Ten; Issues 31 through 60; September 1995 through August 2000 ©2001 Jim Sisti, Published by L&L Publishing p 354 Miller's Dice by Paul Green (review): gaffed dice

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Spelmann, Marc: 101108 lecture notes No Such Luck routine uses forcing dice as sold by Alakazam & No Chance (DVD and Props) by Spelmann and Nardi (Marketed Trick) includes 3 custom manufactured "No Chance Dice", 3 X Matching Regular Diceand Instructional DVD

Starke, George: Stars Of Magic Series 3 N°3 Samuel Leo Horowitz's Malini-Bey Chink a Chink: The routine leads into an unusual finish wherein the performer shows that cubes placed in his pocket somehow find their way back into his hand.

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Stone, Sol: Radical Dice Routine DVD (With special dice). Sol Stone is known for his quick, direct and visual magic. On this DVD he performs and teaches the real work to one of his favorites. The routine is simple to follow and strong in impact. You explain that the opposite sides of a die total to seven. Once the audience understands the properties of a die the impossible magic starts to happen--spots begin to appear, disappear and move around the die.

Stone, Tom: Snapshots: again the in the fingers paddle move but in a smarter way

Strong, Todd: Dice Stacking Book. 104 pages. A full treatise on the art of dice stacking . Deals with Beginning techniques, Advanced Techniques, Aerial Stacks, Stacking Games, Decapitation, History of Dice, Stacking items other than Dice, etc. The entire book is clearly illustrated with actual photos including two flip books that show the basic stack and decapitation & Dice Stacking DVD; The art of scooping up a series of dice and stacking them is not nearly as hard as it looks. Professional juggler and entertainer Todd Strong has developed a method to easily teach you how to stack dice. Being a juggler, Todd has created numerous unique and visual stacking techniques, many of which magicians have never seen before, including fantastic aerial dice moves and two-handed dice stacking. You'll also learn how to stack 12 dice at a time! Michael Maxwell performs and explains Senator Clarke Crandall's Dice Stacking Routine. Hilarious, magical and entertaining, this one-of-a-kind routine is perfect as a unique magical showpiece. Includes Stacking many dice, Stacking tiny dice, Stacking items other than dice, Switches and color changes

Tabman: Casino Chips, Dice and Cylinder. (Marketed set) Set consists of a four chip hard stack and four identical loose chips. Also includes two 3/8" dice, a deck of actual casino cards, a phony $1000 bill and a nice instruction booklet with two complete routines. The chips are genuine clay casino chips.

Tarbell, Harlan: Tarbell's Course In Magic, Volume 7 by Harry Lorayne ©1972 Tannen's, D. Robbins p 86 Die-Duction: dice added, total equals magician's card

Taytelbaum, Eddie: Intimiste 3 DVD Set by Dominique Duvivier. Includes Eddy Taytelbaum's dice

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Trost, Nick: Expert Gambling Tricks ©1975 by Nick Trost p 14 Hi Low Controlled Top: an 8 sided "top" dice; spin it to land a number. Gimmicked & Gambling tricks with dice. Many little known effects using mis-spotted dice (generally ignored gaff).

Vernon, Dai: Select Secrets ©1949 by Max Holden p 25 The Little Dictators. Dice that are rolled help find selected card & Dai Vernon Book Of Magic ©1957 Harry Stanley's Unique Magic Studio p 183: Dai Vernon’s climax for a dice routine. Dice grow and reduce in size & Fooler Doolers #1 DVD by Daryl: Dai Vernon's Climax to a Dice Routine

Victor, Edward: Further Magic of the Hands ©1946 by Max Holden p 108 A "Mental" Dice Effect: a demonstration of memory. A Die is thrown by several audience members, the magician remembering the roll of each

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Wakeman, Randy: Apocalypse Vol 12 No 4 April 1989 Randy Wakeman Issue by Harry Lorayne p 1627 Stacked Impact: dice stacking

Walsh, Audley: Dice Dexterity. 32 pages: Contents include Dice Stacking, Upsey Dicey & Other Stacks, Patriotic Dice, Chink-A-Chink, Pick Ups and Sucker Gags, Mini-Dice and others. Also covers controlled dice throws, switches, and number predictions in the stacking process

Walton, Roy: The Devil's Playthings ©1969 by Roy Walton; p 16 The Karl le Fong Trick: dice trick; p 24 The Wacky Card Trick: poker dice /cards

Wilson, Mark: Mark Wilson's Complete Course in Magic ©1975 Co-author Walter Gibson p 82 Roll Any Number: Force one of four piles using dice

Zachary, James: Zack Stacks Magic Workshop, 85 pages. Full treaty of dice stacking. Includes: The Basics, Taking Them Down, Loading, The Complete Zachary Routine, Building Your Own Routine, Contributions from Father Cyprian and George Schindler & Art of Dice Stacking #1 VHS. Contents include complete performance of Jim Zachary's legendary dice stacking act and then a full detailed explanation of the act including the stack, the arc, the pick-up, the stop, visible stack, unstacking, loading the cup, calling numbers, strung stack, stacking 10 and 15 dice & World's Greatest Magic by the World's Greatest Magicians Magic With Dice DVD Dice stacking

Zak, Frank: On the Boards Lecture Notes. Dice Game: 2 in hand, 1 in pocket.
Message: Posted by: Pete Biro (Jan 22, 2010 10:28AM)
You amaze me.
Message: Posted by: RevJohn (Jan 22, 2010 11:20AM)
I agree, Pete. Thanks for that Lawrence!

Message: Posted by: Lawrence O (Jan 22, 2010 11:22AM)
What amazes me is that I have to search to gather this when you have it all right at the top of your head.

Hope you are well
Message: Posted by: Pete Biro (Jan 22, 2010 11:50AM)
Thing on the top of my head have been slipping off lately.
Message: Posted by: Lawrence O (Jan 23, 2010 03:31AM)
I already found a reference that was missing in my post.
Lovell, Simon: The Simon Lovell Lecture at the PCAM convention 1995; p 11 Selling the Six Dice Stack.

It means that magicians searching to perform dice stacking for magic (rather than show off) may want to recheck
Don Alan, Bobby Bernard, Sean Bogunia, Senator Clarke Crandall, Charlie Fry, Angela Funovits, Lewis Ganson, Gerry [aka Gerhard Scharnboeck]***, Paul Gertner***, Lou Lancaster, Simon Lovell, Brad Manuel***, Edward Marlo, Jay Marshall, Michael Maxwell, John Mendoza, Tom Mullica, Gary Ouellet, Johnny Paul, Marc Paul, Jon Racherbaumer, Mike Rogers, Dennis Schleussner, Todd Strong***, Randy Wakeman, Audley Walsh, James Zachary

Let's not reinvent the wheel and move on to the next step(s)
Message: Posted by: Simon Lovell (Jan 23, 2010 12:46PM)

The six dice stack sell is also in my book Son of Simon Says which is easier to get than the lecture notes. Also Billion Dollar Bunko (with lots of dice moves)is available in paperback under the title How to Cheat at Everything.

Your lists of sources never fail to amaze me by the way!

All the best,

Message: Posted by: Anverdi-museum (Feb 1, 2010 10:36PM)
Dr. X Universal Controller. This is an electronic way to control high/low rolls of dice down a clear plexiglass ladder ( ala Del Ray! ).

You can see me perform this on the IMS Platinum collection with Tony Hassini.

Chuck Caputo
Message: Posted by: Kaarlo von Freymann (Feb 10, 2010 07:41PM)
Just for the record: There is now a Chinese company selling very expensive props. One is a set of dice that can be electronically manipulated remotely in real time to give the desired result. If I remember correctly the price was 6000 (six thousand) US $. I found it surfing the net but did not mark the pageas favorite as I felt I would not be willing to pay that price tag for ANY prop, but you will find it Googeling.
Kaarlo von Freymann Helsinki Finland
Message: Posted by: iamslow (Feb 11, 2010 07:10PM)
On 2010-01-07 08:22, The Game wrote:
I am an amateur at dice manipulation. Is there a technique that controls the number that will show up using a single regular dice? (for example, I can throw a 4 whenever I want?)
Just get Steve Forte's Gambling Protection series Vol.4 and you will see a compilation of the sickest dice moves ever "released" to magicians... The moves are mainly for cheating at gambling, but it can also be applied to magic... :dice:
Message: Posted by: Bob Sanders (Feb 19, 2010 08:06PM)

Both you and Lawrence O amaze me.

I would love to get him here to lecture.

A youngster like me could learn a lot.

Bob Sanders
Magic By Sander
Message: Posted by: BAGWIZ (Feb 23, 2010 02:23PM)
To take this one step further, is there a way to give a die to a spectator and be assured that he/she will roll a pre-determined number each time? I don't know much about loaded dice and whether or not they are 100% reliable on the number that needs to be rolled. Just wondering as I have some ideas on how this could be applied ...
Message: Posted by: Gary Kosnitzky (Feb 24, 2010 09:05AM)
I do too.
Shooting Craps.
Message: Posted by: Tim Dowd (Feb 25, 2010 05:14AM)
I remember an episode of a recent UK/German "cheat show" which showed a couple of guys on a ship ripping off passengers at some dice game. They used normal dice and had a specific technique for shaking the dice (die) in the cup before finally plonking down on the table. Sorry I can't be more specific but a search of cheat type TV shows may help...
Message: Posted by: Angel_7 (Mar 17, 2010 08:08AM)
One of my first tricks, was a box in which one placed 5 or 6 dice (I can't actually remember) with mixed faces, you placed the lid on and shook and bingo! all the same! Love it, made me think I was really magic.

But who's to say we aren't!

Message: Posted by: Laurent A (Mar 28, 2010 01:14PM)
On 2010-03-17 09:08, Angel_7 wrote:
One of my first tricks, was a box in which one placed 5 or 6 dice (I can't actually remember) with mixed faces, you placed the lid on and shook and bingo! all the same! Love it, made me think I was really magic.

But who's to say we aren't!


100% agree
Message: Posted by: 723sabre (Mar 29, 2010 08:52AM)
John Kennedy's "Double Whammy" is another take on a dice trick. The concept and execution are actually very straightforward but done correctly can really catch people by surprise.

Problema Dice is the one where you have dice in a random order in a box, close it, shake it, and they all now show the same face.

Viking/Collector's Workshop sells a nice version of this effect they call Problema Deluxe. They also have one called "Loaded Dice" by Alan Wakeling, where you can control two separate rows of dice. These are a bit expensive but these can be found for a lower price sometimes here in the "For Sale" section or on E-bay (one is there selling for around $45-50.00 right now). The quality of both is top notch.

These might not be exactly what you are looking for, but you may find them intersting enough to pursue for alternative dice tricks.

I have used Double Whammy a few times and I like it's straightforward simplicity. I also have Loaded Dice but this takes some good patter to go along with how you move the box while showing it. This one allows for several routines that give you a number of transformations with the dice. Quite clever actually.
Message: Posted by: J.G. the magnificent (Apr 13, 2010 09:40PM)
On 2010-01-23 13:46, Simon Lovell wrote:

The six dice stack sell is also in my book Son of Simon Says which is easier to get than the lecture notes. Also Billion Dollar Bunko (with lots of dice moves)is available in paperback under the title How to Cheat at Everything.

Your lists of sources never fail to amaze me by the way!

All the best,

I was actually going to suggest your book. Thanks for doing it for me. Great book by the way.
Message: Posted by: J.G. the magnificent (Apr 13, 2010 09:43PM)
On 2010-01-22 11:28, Pete Biro wrote:
You amaze me.
I second that and I doubt anyone will read through the whole list though. Also it's a bit to long. I do admire you knowledge though.
Message: Posted by: Jonathan P. (Apr 15, 2010 04:24PM)
Missing from Lawrence's list is the big book "Scarne on dice" which is an extensive book on dice, one part of it being devoted to cheating moves.

Depending on what you're aiming for, there is a not-so-difficult move that allows you to control the shoot of one die amongst two, the other one being legitimately randomly thrown...

Message: Posted by: magicalaurie (Apr 23, 2010 08:40AM)
On 2010-01-11 01:11, RevJohn wrote:

Eddie Fetcher's, "Dice Holdout Methods for Magicians," by Jerry Mektzer, 1974.

There's one of these for sale on the Café right now:

Message: Posted by: vinsmagic (Apr 29, 2010 09:48AM)
Laurie please put up a another demo you had several years ago on dice penetration so the masses can see this in action
you do this very well..
Message: Posted by: magicalaurie (Apr 29, 2010 03:30PM)

I found this in the book, "It's Magic" by Henry Gordon. I've got some new dice I might try shooting another clip with. Also, you'd get the audio effect as well as the visual, if I refilmed with sound.
Message: Posted by: vinsmagic (Apr 29, 2010 04:31PM)
Laurie thanks for the demo in your hands it is a thing of beauty, and by the way how is the new hat LOL
hope to see you next year at the WMS
Message: Posted by: magicalaurie (Apr 29, 2010 05:20PM)
Vinny gave me a hat at the World Magic Seminar in Las Vegas. It's doing just fine, Vinny, thanks.


That pic's a little big, I guess. Oh well. :)

Message: Posted by: vinsmagic (Apr 29, 2010 07:49PM)
looks great
Message: Posted by: Sammy J. (Apr 29, 2010 11:35PM)
I met Laurie at WMS this year. It's alway great to see women in magic, especially those who excel. Great video and great lid!
Leave it to Vinny to leave his mark on everyone he meets!
Message: Posted by: vinsmagic (May 3, 2010 03:10PM)
Laurie the rose went into the mail today
Message: Posted by: magicalaurie (May 3, 2010 04:16PM)
On 2010-04-30 00:35, Sammy J. wrote:
...especially those who excel...[/quote]

Appreciated, thankyou!

And re. the rose- thankyou, Vinny.

Message: Posted by: Decomposed (May 15, 2010 11:01PM)
This is something interesting I found regarding dice controlling and ESP experiments at Duke:

Message: Posted by: vinsmagic (May 16, 2010 10:11AM)
Candini welcome back, glad to see you off that power ball thread lol
Message: Posted by: magicnewswire (Aug 16, 2010 11:38AM)
I uploaded a clip of Del Ray doing the dice ladder for Dick Cavett that I reciently received. It is a lot of fun! http://bit.ly/9PCC0s
Message: Posted by: MagicBus (May 7, 2011 12:16PM)
Just my two cents worth: I really enjoyed Clarke "The Senator" Crandall's "lectures" (really him sitting on a stool talking) at Abbott's in the early 70ties. I was extremely happy in watching (and learning) Clarke's dice stacking/magic routine from the Todd Strong DVD on dice stacking (www.ToddStrong.com). One of the difficult parts of the routine is producing at the end the two large jumbo dice quietly enough- it is not easy placing the jumbo die load first in the cup itself and then on a hard surface later without making some noise revealing the jumbo die being hidden under the cup. Problem solved- go to Party City (stores all over the U.S.) or their web site http://www.PartyCity.com and purchase jumbo red "Flashing Dice" #182551 for $5.99 a pair- these little beauties are large but fit nicely in a dice cup- and will flash if you hit them hard- but also are made out of a sticky silicone type substance that makes them not only easy to palm- but make very little noise when either placed in the dice cup and/or put back down onto the table surface. Not quite as classy as nice plastic jumbo dice- but hey- these are much more "quiet" in loading- yet also can light up flashing at the end if so desired.