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Topic: Source of mannequins in UK for pick pocket practice?
Message: Posted by: bilz (Jun 22, 2003 09:39AM)
Pick pocket practice - try saying that after a couple of pints :lol:

Anyone know where I could get an affordable mannequin or tailors dummy in the UK?


Message: Posted by: Harry Murphy (Jun 23, 2003 05:54AM)
Mannequins are nice to practice with, but they are not essential or even necessary. Nothing is going to give you the feel of pickpocketing like using a real human being. However, I understand that you might want to learn the basics and practice the technique a little before you start practicing on a person.

I discussed one way of setting up a practice assist on another thread. Check it out at:
It is my third post on that thread that you want to review.

Another poor mans dummy that you can easily build and use involves a chair and a pillow. Take a straight back chair (kitchen chair, folding chair) and sit it on a box to give it some height. Set the pillow upright on the chair back and tie it into place. Put a long sleeve shirt over the pillow and chair back. You have just created a workable torso. Now put a jacket over the shirt and load the shirt and jacket with whatever items you want to practice stealing.

I think that you get the idea. You do not need a commercially made dummy to practice with. A bit of stuffing, some old clothing, and you can make a very serviceable training aide!

Save your money, build a dummy, and start the first phase of your practice.

Good luck!
Message: Posted by: bilz (Jun 23, 2003 06:58AM)
Thanks a lot Harry...

I especially like the 'bells' idea in your previous post. Looks like I'll be in DIY mode after work ;)

I have a volunteer already for phase 2 as well. So long as I supply a few beers!


Message: Posted by: Symmatrix (Jun 23, 2003 06:59AM)
That's true! Check out the third Harry Murphy Post in the above link. The ideas that Harry Provides are great and wonderful. I hope that you can make great use of them as practice.

Secondly, If you want something to visualise and want to get more understanding. Get James Coats The Art of Pickpocketing. The contents are wonderful from techniques for different wallet steal, front pocket steal, three types of popular steal, tie steal, belt steal, front shirt pocket steal to clip on object. The content is wonderful and see how the work is done. Wonderful and marvelous tape for those who are serious into pickpocketing stuff.

Message: Posted by: bilz (Jun 23, 2003 08:22AM)
I actually picked up a copy over the weekend. That's why I posted about a source for Mannequins. They suggest an inflatable mannequin on the DVD but I can't find anyone selling them in the UK (plenty of places in the states and very cheap). For some reason if you search for an 'inflatable person' on Google you find a different thing entirely


Harry's Coathanger/chair/pillow DIY system will certainly mean I can get started though!


Message: Posted by: stine (Jun 30, 2003 07:52PM)
I bought a large rectangular piece of foam rubber, cut it into a shape of myself then put my own clothes on it and hung it fron a rafter in my garage.
Message: Posted by: Magyckmyke (Jul 1, 2003 06:42PM)
I am not too sure what movie I saw this in but they were using mannequins to practice pickpocketing.They attached small bells to the mannequin and to the item they were stealing.If you can't find a mannequin for a reasonable price you might get a form they use for sewing fairly cheap.
Message: Posted by: carlf (Jul 2, 2003 08:48AM)

Have you tried asking at your local department or clothing store? They will probably have some ex-display ones they'd be happy to sell.

Worth a try - let us know how you get on.

best regards

Carl Fraser
Message: Posted by: Mago Mai (Jul 2, 2003 08:52AM)
The movie was Oliver Twist. I guess....

Mago Mai
Message: Posted by: Magyckmyke (Jul 4, 2003 09:34PM)
Thanks Mago,
You could very well be right. It's probably been at least 30 years since I saw the movie and the bells ,mannequins and pickpocket talk reminded me of it.
Message: Posted by: bilz (Jul 5, 2003 01:58PM)
Thanks everyone, I ended up buying one direct from James Coats in the end. Now comes the practice...

:dance: Bilz :dance: :dance: :dance: